The collection of finely carved wall deco panels, doors and windows of the village from hardwood are carved using tribal design and motifs of dayak borneo. These doors and windows are from the longhouse in Borneo, Asia. Wall deco panels uses aso dragon design, tribal motifs ideal for home decoration, tribal essence

The Dayak longhouse is a large communal dwelling, where an entire community of extended families resides. These longhouses, known as betang or lamin, are normally located along river banks. they are built on strong posts raised above the seasonal flooding. Such longhouses, therefore, are usually built on 5 meters to 8 meter posts. The entry to the house is by a tangka or ladder, notched into a huge log.  As the ladder is pretty precarious.

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WD0105 #8 Wall Artifact (410mm x 335mm) Tongkonan Toraja Old Panel Painting Drawing Wood Carving


WD095 Antique Panel (970mm On Stand) Dayak Supreme Deity Wall Artwork Deco Wood Carving Artifact


WD094 Ironwood Cultural Panel (970mm On Stand) Museum Piece Dayak Kaharingan Headhunter Tattoo Wood Carving


WD093 Altar Shrine Wall large Sculpture 0.845m Tafu Tavu Tanimbar Leti Statue Figurine


WD0103 #6 Wall Carving Tongkonan Toraja (470 x 415mm) Home Panel Wood Painting Drawing Sculpture


WD092 #4 Wall Panel Toraja Tongkonan (Large 530 x 380mm) Home Panel Wall Carving Painting Drawing Artifact Native Asia


WD0104 #7 Wall Painting Tongkonan Toraja (XXL 700 x 460mm) Home Panel Open Art Work Tribal Asia


WD0106 Antique Door (650mm x 470mm) Tongkonan Toraja Old Granary Wall Panel Painting Drawing Wood Carving


WD0100 Topless Girl Painting 900 x 600mm Hand Painted Bali Balinese Sexy Women Tribal Female


WD0101 #5 Ancestral House Toraja Tongkonan (400 x 370mm) Home Wall Art Panel Wood Carving Painting Drawing


WD086 FULL SIZE DOOR / TRIBAL PANEL (1 PAIR) Wall Statue Figure Painting Sculpture Art


WD084 GIANT SPIRIT 78″x29″ NATIVE PANEL (1 PAIR) Wall Door Statue Figure Painting Panel