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Product Gallery of asian antiques, tribal art, cultural ornaments

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HP0657 Indonesia Altar 650mm Old Leti Artifact Sculpture Figure Figurine Worship Shrine God Deity Statue


AW0323 Tribal Oar Four pieces 1170-1120mm Traditional Wooden Paddle Wood Carving Regatta Kayak Water Sport


MI067 Indonesia Guitar 820mm Gambus Sape Music Musical Instrument Tribal Indonesia Figure Figurine


WR0221 DURABLE RATTAN BAG Tote Handbag Ajat Traditional Weaving Handmade Tribal #2


HP0654 BALINESE WOMEN SCULPTURE 1200mm Bali Aga Tribe Tribal Statue Figure Figurine Jar


HP0652 SCARY STATUE 910mm Pagan Shaman Sickness Spirit Sculpture Tribal Figure Figurine Borneo


MC0397 INDONESIAN BOX 350mm Tribal Container Covered Jar Oceanic Art Statue Sculpture




AT01335 ANTIQUE FRAME (1 Pair) Chinese Mirror Panel Wood Carving Wall Deco Sculpture Painting


AT01334 MIRROR FRAME (1 Pair) Chinese Panel Wood Wooden Wall Deco Sculpture Painting Carving


MC0396 DUCK STATUE 430mm ABSTRACT Animal Animalistic Animalism Borneo Art Bowl Container Storage


HP0653 TRADITIONAL HEADGEAR 1170mm Raung Hat Statue Figure Figurine Bidayuh Land Dayak Tribal Borneo


MI066 BORNEO SAPE 1230mm XXL Traditional Dayak Guitar Music Musical Instrument World Rainforest Festival


AW0322 TRADITIONAL TABLE (640 x 650 mm) Tribal Furniture Old Unused Drawer Desk Dayak Borneo


PK0575 TRADITIONAL SARONG 530mm Skirt Dress Ladies Garment Tribal Textile Dayak Borneo


PK0574 FEMALE SARONG 600mm XXXL Traditional Skirt Dress Borneo Ladies Garment Tribal Textile


MI065 Gramophone Record (6 Disc) Old Vintage Music Song Orchestra The Beverly Sisters


MI064 Gramophone Disc (6 Records) Old Vintage Music Song Orchestra