NC0224 #23 Tribal Necklace Shell Deco Art Artwork Seashell Body Ornament Adornment Jewelry Gift

$260.00 $199.00

AT01278 5.) Pendant Earring Sumba Mamuli Jewelry Body Ornament Tribal Indonesia Artifact

$495.00 $380.00

WE01930 BATAK DAGGER 410mm KNIFE Keris Badik Badek Kris Samurai Sword Knife Martial Art Weapon #2


CR0167 LARGE 430mm TATTOO KIT Set Mallet Needle Ink Bowl Body Piercing Borneo Headhunter Dayak Symbol


MS0133 KENYAH MASK 280mm Soul Catching Dayak Borneo Artwork Wall Hanging Deco Asia Asian Art

$180.00 $140.00

CR0163 TRADITIONAL CHILD CARRIER 360x390mm Baby Bag Tribe Tribal Borneo Backpack Sling

$235.00 $190.00

MS0129 KENYAH MASK 170mm Soul Catching Dayak Borneo Art Artwork Wall Hanging Deco


HP0355 JUNGLE GUARDIAN POLE and ERODED Primitive STATUE Authentic Dayak Figure Borneo Forest

$695.00 $350.00

WD089 Rare Artifact (415mm x 370mm) Tongkonan Toraja Old Window Wall Panel Painting Drawing Wood Carving

$850.00 $700.00

WD057 NIAS TRIBESMAN WINDOW PANEL PAIR Home Cafe and Hotel Interior Home Deco Sculpture

$1,250.00 $850.00

WE01534 500mm KUJANG JAWA BARAT Knife Weapon Blade Dagger Keris Sword Parang Machete #2

$680.00 $400.00

NC0183 ONE PAIR (Male and Female) 380mm ON STAND Irian Papua NECKLACE JEWELRY BODY NECK

$395.00 $280.00

FS0128 AMAZING GLAZED 4.8 lb STEGODON MASTODON TEETH Fossil Fossils Prehistoric

$1,250.00 $700.00

FS0134 Feathered Dinosaur Archaeopteryx 205mm Small Extinct (150.8 million – 125.45 million years ago) Fossil Fossils Bird


PK0414 ANTIQUE Skirt Leech Pattern Ikat Bidang Dayak SARONG LADIES GARMENT OUTFIT #197

$130.00 $105.00

PK0323 Ceremony Costume ANTIQUE Orange Ikat Sungkit Kumang Gawai SKIRT SARONG LADIES GARMENT OUTFIT #114

$150.00 $125.00

WE01510 Indonesian Dagger KERIS BATU LAPAK STRAIGHT BLADE LUK 3 malay dagger Sword Arms Kris Parang


MC0367 #5 Oceanic Art On Stand 230mm Tribal CONTAINER Statue Figure Chamber Betel Box

$115.00 $80.00