NC0202 #2 Irian Jaya Tribal Shell Necklace Seashell Body Adornment Ornament Asian Jewelry

$260.00 $199.00

NC0226 #25 Tribal Shells Seashell Jewelry Home Bar Restaurant Deco Gift Hawaii Necklace

$260.00 $199.00
Sold out
Apadravya ampallang palang traditional cultural penis piercing tool

AW0311-2 Apadravya ampallang palang traditional cultural penis piercing tool

Sold out
Madura Dagger

WE01247 RARE KERIS madura dagger JANUR SINEBIT Knife collectible Weapon Sword Kriss Kris Samurai Asia


FS041 MASSIVE 12lb Stegodon Mastodon FOSSIL Dinosaur Megalodon Organic Remains

$2,200.00 $900.00
Sold out
barbell piercing

AW0311-1 apadravya ampallang palang traditional cultural bone barbell piercing

Sold out
korwar figurine

HP0619 Old Asian Statue (630mm) Korwar Ritual Indonesia Oceanic Art Sculpture Figure Figurine

Sold out

HP0594 BORNEO TRIBE DAYAK Bahau Human Statue People Figure Sculpture Icon Paperweight


HP0416 ONE and ONLY 730mm OLD TAFU TANIMBAR LETI STATUE Sculptural Artefact Ritual Pole

$1,650.00 $900.00

HP0557 ABSTRACT BORNEO FIGURE 260mm/10.2″ Female Primitive Art Statue Sculpture HARDWOOD

$380.00 $250.00
Sold out
Rattan handbag

WR0225 SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY 350mm Plain Rattan handbag Tote Shoulder Traditional Handmade Basket

Sold out
Old Rattan Basket

WR0163 #10 AUTHENTIC NATIVE Old rattan basket Used Rosette Flower Tribal Backpack Sling Bag

Sold out

CS0380 (MEDIUM LARGE) 12.6 /320mm PACIFIC TRITON SHELL SEASHELL Aquarium Trumpet Coral

Sold out

GC0281 ISLAMIC LANTAKA 400mm BRUNEI MINI CANNON Dolphin Brass Bronze Old Borneo Antique

Sold out
old dining ware

AT01090 ANTIQUE GLAZED 180mm Ching Pai TEAPOT Kettle Pot Teakettle Old dining ware Dynasty

Sold out
TunTun Ritual Pole

TO099 THREE IN ONE TunTun Ritual Pole Stick Hunter Headhunter Dayak Dyak Statue Borneo

Sold out

CR0157 LARGE NATIVE TATTOO KIT SET Mallet Body Piercing Borneo Headhunter DAYAK SYMBOL

Sold out
peranakan ware

AT01096 SMALL STOOL 205mm Peranakan ware CHILD CHAIR Bench Phoenix Chinese Porcelain Furniture


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