Tribal Statues are also known as hampatong in south east asia. Hampatong is an old aged wooden figure. These are to guide and protect the longhouses village from evil, brings happiness, depict ancestor and spritual figures. It also acts as a symbol of bravery and to worship their previous warriors.

Hampatong are mostly made from belian or also known as iron wood. Belian is the world most durable wood. Therefore, these tribal sculptures can last for many centuries and very durable and has significant value.

We are one of the biggest gallery in Asia that exhibits the most old tribal statues. We welcome travellers and everyone to view these statues in our gallery.

These old tribal statues are very gorgeous for your home decorations. Hampatong can be used interior or exterior to enhance the architecture of your home. It serves the purpose of bringing asian tribal atmosphere inside your home, offices or restaurants.

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tribal pillow

HP0620 Large tribal Pillow (570mm) Head rest Korwar Irian Vintage Authentic Artifact Statue Figure Figurine Asian

$950.00 $750.00
wood artifact

HP0618 Weathered Wood Artifact (810mm On Stand) 200 years Antique Effigy Statue Cultural Figurine

$2,600.00 $2,200.00
fertility statue

HP0617 Male Guardian (840mm On Stand) Penis Fertility Statue Bahau Dayak Eroded Figurine

$2,600.00 $2,200.00
longhouse statue

HP0616 Museum Piece (770mm On Stand) Antique Funeral Outdoor Statue Effigy Hampatong Dayak Bahau Borneo

$2,600.00 $2,200.00
wood statue

HP0615 Borneo Funeral Guardian (815mm On Stand) Ironwood Statue Ancestral Figure Figurine Sculpture Asian

$2,600.00 $2,200.00
Spiritual Figure

HP0614 Funeral Guardian (870mm On Stand) Spiritual Figure Ancestral Figure Figurine Eroded Asian Statue

$2,600.00 $2,200.00
Indonesian statue

HP0610 Mamasa Indonesian Statue Pillar (705mm On Stand) Tongkonan Toraja Home Sculpture Figure Figurine Tribal Asia

$1,100.00 $900.00
dayak figure

HP0606 Weathered Ancestral Dayak Figure Sculpture Guardian Statue (Mythical Asia)

$1,200.00 $950.00
WEATHERED GUARDIAN STATUE 1.4meter Massive Eroded Dayak antique Figure Sculpture Outdoor Yard Garden Tribal Art

HP0275 WEATHERED GUARDIAN STATUE 1.4meter Massive Eroded Dayak antique Figure Sculpture Outdoor Yard Garden Tribal Art

$1,550.00 $750.00
guardian pole

HP0592 Hampatong GUARDIAN POLE 410mm ANTIQUE Tribal Statue Handmade Sculpture Eroded Primitive Figure

$395.00 $250.00
Melanau statue

HP0567 LARGE SICKNESS STATUE 680mm Melanau statue Sculpture Hardwood Tribal

$800.00 $600.00

HP0464 AMPUTATED HEAD Statue 1440mm HEADHUNTER Statue Pole Eroded Sculpture Dayak Dyak Tribal Outdoor Figure

$1,900.00 $900.00
Female Sculpture

HP0483 OLD 630mm Dayak KAYAN STATUE Billion Wood Figure Female Sculpture Native Tribal Tribe Borneo

$495.00 $300.00
wooden statue

HP0117 ANCESTRAL DAYAK KAYAN IRON WOODEN STATUE Figure Icon Image Sculpture Papua Borneo

$220.00 $160.00
primitive sculpture

HP0265 THREE WEATHERED DAYAK GUARDIAN primitive sculpture Antique Artifact Figure Icon

$1,780.00 $750.00
ERODED sculpture

HP0354 200-300 YEARS ERODED sculpture Bahau Dayak Weathered Primitive Ironwood Figure

$3,300.00 $1,500.00
authentic statue

HP0543 TRIBAL LADY TOTE BAG 540mm/21.3″ Old Authentic Statue Sculpture Figure Dayak

$365.00 $190.00
sculpture antique

HP0481 MALE FEMALE GUARDIAN 610-620mm STATUE Dayak Sculpture Antique Figure IRONWOOD

$960.00 $550.00