Collections of antique plates Jars vases from Chinese and tribes in Asia. Variety sizes of antique jars, ceramic plates and bowls from underwater shipwreck, sung dynasty or ming dynasty, and there carefully kept from 18th century.

These antique jars and vases are meant to store rice, food or salted eggs in the ancient days. Some of them are well decorated with dragons to help protect these items in the village.

Our antique plates jars vases are presented worldwide through exhibitions since 1993.  Inspired home makers as well as collector houses who have been enthusiasts in this quest are welcome to view these ornaments in our gallery website. These antique plates jars vases are very ideal for interior and exterior home decorations. It brings classic atmosphere to home owners.

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AT01352 Gold Mining (1 Pair XXL) 490mm Pan Panning Tray Wooden Ironwood Bowl Placer Mining Traditional Excavating Mineral

Original price was: $695.00.Current price is: $575.00.

AT01327 ANTIQUE GREEN POT (Large Jar 19.9 lb) Ching / Qing Dynasty Porcelain Ceramic Pottery Chinese Vase

Original price was: $1,800.00.Current price is: $1,500.00.

AT01323 CHINESE POT 185mm MEGA RARE Song Dynasty(960-1279) Liquor Wine Alcohol Jar Teapot Pottery Underwater

Original price was: $880.00.Current price is: $750.00.

AT01300 DRAGON JAR 330mm Beautiful Chinese Feng shui Vase Pot Porcelain Ceramic


AT01297 NEPAL NEPALESE Antique Printing Block Chop Textile Fabric Stamp Print Tribal Asia #16


AT01296 NEPAL NEPALESE Antique Wooden Print Chop Block Textile Fabric Stamp Native Asia #15


AT01295 NEPAL NEPALESE Antique Chop Print Wood Block Textile Fabric Stamp Asia Tribe #14


AT01294 NEPAL NEPALESE Antique Batik Print Wood Printing Block Textile Fabric Chop Stamp Kathmandu #13


AT01293 NEPAL NEPALESE Vintage Wooden Printing Block Textile Marker Fabric Chop Print Stamp #12


AT01292 NEPAL NEPALESE Vintage Tribal Textile Marker Fabric Chop Print Block Stamp Antique Asia #11


AT01291 NEPAL NEPALESE Vintage Tribal Fabric Chop Print Block Stamp Antique Wooden Textile #10


AT01290 THREE NEPAL NEPALESE Handmade Textile Block Stamp Antique Wooden Chop Fabric Print #9