OLD ASIAN TEXTILE 1680mm Tribal Fabric Blanket Wall Deco Traditional Fabric


A beautiful old & authentic Pua Kumbu textile/blanket, decorated with Buah Gumbang Bersimpan / Whirlpool & Pucuk Rebung / Bamboo Shoot pattern. Excellent aged condition, well kept and hardly any discoloration. Circa 1960. Sarawak, Borneo. Excellent for wall hanging & table deco.

Height: 168 cm / 66.1 inches
Width: 85 cm / 33.5 inches
Weight: 0.45 kg / 0.99 lb

Pua kumbu of Borneo:
The Pua weaving or the Pua Kumbu is a ritual blanket used for religious ceremonies, festivals Gawai, ceremonies associated with birth, death, healing or soul-searching and war of headhunting. It serves as a means of communication between this world and the world of ancestors, spirits and gods. All the dyes used in the traditional Pua Kumbu are vegetable and fruit(mango stein-reddish color) origin.

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Published on:03/09/2018

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