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AW0311-2 Ampallang palang traditional cultural penis piercing tool


AW0311-1 apadravya ampallang palang traditional cultural bone barbell piercing


HP0619 Old Asian Statue (630mm) Korwar Ritual Indonesia Oceanic Art Sculpture Figure Figurine


AT01272 Vintage charcoal iron Figural Rooster Handle Casted Old School Hot Coals Antique Collectible


AT01275 YELLOW PANEL (ONE PAIR) 810mm NYONYA PAINTING Phoenix Peonies Porcelain Wall Drawing Peranakan Asia


WR0247 Borneo Tribal Old traditional Basket (Bakul Langgit Dayak Backpack Bag Fiber Art)


AT01322 EXTREMELY RARE SHAPE 250mm Nyonya Kamcheng Peranakan Covered Jar Porcelain Ceramic Bowl Box Chinese Asia


CR0186 Beads Carrier 350mm Dayak Child Baby Backpack Tribe Tribal Traditional Beaded Fiber Art


WR0246 Borneo Ceremonial Hat Fiber Art Cap Costume Traditional Weaving Asia


MS0134 Nias Tribal Mask Facial Indonesia Sculpture Figure Statue (Asian Art Artifact)


WE01954 Mini KERIS 95mm KRIS KUJANG Shaman Talisman Dagger Knife Blade Sword Kriss Asia Asian Culture


AW0308 DAYAK HEADHUNTER 50mm ampallang PENIS piercing Tribal Orgasm Tattoo Body Piercing Borneo Asia Culture


AT01267 #4 DENSE FLORA (XXL 550 x 1960 mm) RED AND GILT Antique panel Chinese Bed Panel Asian Art Peranakan


AT01256 RARE BLUE 130mm PHOENIX CHUPU Covered Jar Box Container Bowl Asia Asian Ceramic Art


HP0601 TANIMBAR INDONESIA (Set Of Three) CORAL STATUE Figure Figurine Sculpture Tribal Native Asian Art


MC0414 Handmade Container 1 Pair Sculpture Tribal Batak Box Jewelry Medicine Statue Figurine Indonesia


MC0375 KING LETI 290mm MEDICINE BOX Tribal Asia Asian Culture Art Box Container


AT01251 GIANT HAIRPIN HEADDRESS 320mm On Stand Tribal Jewelry Leti Indonesia Asia Asian Culture Art