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HP0295 FERTILITY PANGLIMA NIAS ALTAR STATUE Artifact Sculpture Image Figure Artefact


HP0162 WEATHERED ANCESTRAL STATUE (ONE Pair) Dayak Figure Sculpture Guardian Mythical




GC0286 ANTIQUE ASIAN 13inch GONG RAISED NAGA Brass Drum Tribal Musical Music Instrument


WE01953 DEER HORN 870mm DOUBLE BLADE PARANG iLANG Weapon Knife Samurai Keris Sword Arms


HP0587 TRIBAL PANEL 540mm DAYAK KAHARINGAN Figure Statue Native Sculpture Carving Asia


MI058 BORNEO SAPE XL 1240mm/48.8 TRIBAL GUITAR HORNBILL Musical Music Instrument Asia


MC0359 BATAK GURI GURI 230mm Medicine Bottle Statue Sculpture Figure Box Jewelry Container Jar Pot Vase Tropical Artifact


MS0128 ANTIQUE IBAN (Sea Dayak Headhunter) 330mm xxxL MASK Tribal Masque Face Facial Statue Sculpture Figure Figurine Spiritual Object Handmade


HP0541 BORNEO SCULPTURE 880mm HORNBILL BIRD Tribal Figure Statue Animal Native Art


HP0462 COFFIN BOAT ON STAND 400mm LOVELY VESSEL Native Sculpture Statue Figure Dayak


CR0144 NATIVE DAYAK BABY CARRIER Child Backpack Knapsack Sling Bag Duffel BORNEO


HP0571 RAJA TANIMBAR 360mm Brass Statue Old Aged Royal Figure Sculpture Brass Tribal Native Figurine


WE01942 OLD BLOWPIPE QUIVER and NEW DARTS Hunting Traditional Tool Tribal Hunter Spear


MC0392 OLD BATAK (One Pair) MEDICINE CHAMBER Box Container Statue Figurine Indonesia


MC0357 LETI ARTIFACT 340mm ANCESTRAL STATUE Figure Sculpture Indonesia Oceanic Art Box


CR0156 STUNNING BILLION WOOD 320mm BABY CARRIER Native Borneo Ancestral Figure Statue


HP0542 BORNEO TRIBE 400mm/15.7 naked sculpture PENIS STATUE Dayak Dyak Figure Asia