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SH0198 TRIBAL PANEL 3 Dimensional Dayak Shield Panel Anthropomorphic Art Figure Statue Wood Carving Wall Deco


TO0108 SACRED HUNTING POLE 300mm Carved Wood Statue Stick Figure Figurine Tribal Native Borneo

$145.00 $105.00

TO0105 BLACK HARDWOOD DAYAK RITUAL POLE Old TunTun Figure Headhunter Dyak Statue Borneo

$160.00 $110.00

TO0106 THREE IN ONE TunTun Ritual Mini Totem Pole Stick Hunter Headhunter Dayak Statue asian ornament

$165.00 $110.00

TO0110 ANCESTRAL Antique RITUAL STICK 370mm Ironwood Borneo Figure Figurine Statue Sculpture Tribal Dayak Asia

$195.00 $130.00

TO0107 TunTun BAHAU 400mm SACRED TRIBAL POLE Old Shaman Figure Headhunter Dayak Statue Borneo

$295.00 $195.00

TO0111 Walking Cane Hardwood Ironwood Quality Stick Hiking Rod Staff Pole Statue Tribal Borneo


HP0307 TAFU LETI ALTAR Ancestral Tribal Worship Image Old Artifact Artefact Sculpture Art #2

$385.00 $200.00

TO086 TWO 900mm WALKING STICK HARDWOOD CANE City and Hiking Rod Staff Pole Statue Tribal

$295.00 $200.00

WD059 Asian Carved Wall Deco SCENERY OF BORNEO 3 Dayak Sculpture Painting Headhunter Head Hunting Tribe

$390.00 $220.00

TO0104 THREE MAN RITUAL POLE Dayak Bahau Guardian Figure Sculpture Artifact Antique Effigy Borneo

$395.00 $250.00

SH0199 GORGEOUS PAIR 970mm Tribal Shield Of Borneo Armor Guard Wood Carving Wall Decor Office Home

$300.00 $250.00

SH0194 ONE PAIR Carved Wooden Shield Tribal Native Head hunter Tribe Borneo Dayak ARMOR


AW0313 TRIBAL CALENDAR 445mm Wall Hanging Deco Statue Figure Figurine Sculpture Dayak Borneo Asia


MC0383 BAMBOO BOTTLE 430mm Giant Tribal Box Keeper Container Jewelry Document Case


SH0195 TWO TRIBAL carved shield (Height: 310mm) Native Head hunter Tribe Dayak Borneo ARMOR ART


TO0102 BORNEO TOTEM BURIAL 465mm/18.3″ SANDUNG / Roofed Miniature Coffin Cemetery Tribal Asia

$450.00 $290.00

TO0112 MAGIC STAFF 500-520mm Three Tunggal Panaluan Ritual Pole Statue Figure Figurine Sculpture