Gallery of finely carved tribal artworks from wood with tribal design and motifs of dayak Borneo. Tribal artworks consist of tattoo block with aso dragon, paddles, beads work. They carefully pick the wood and carved them into beautiful tribal artworks for your home.

These asian tribes are also known for incorporating natural materials into their tribal artworks. Mostly hard wood or ironwood is used. However, they do use brass material.

In this section of asian artworks, you will find a list of items such as:-

Paddles, cultural bowls, paddles, incense bowl, tribal casket, coffin boat and beads panel. Tattoo blocks are very interesting item in this category of tribal artworks. Tattoo blocks are made of iron wood.  The motifs pattern of tattoo blocks are explain below.

Dogs feature heavily in Kayan tattoos and other works of art. It was also very common to find mongrels and strays which have been adopted into Kenyah villages and allowed to roam about. The village dogs may enter houses as they wish and no person is allowed to kill one. However, the dog is not a sacred animal but still a dog is hardly kicked or beaten. The following figures show the diversity of the Aso tattoo, being quite up to the artist to depict it. Common elements are the ‘hooks’, the ‘eye (mata), and the claw-like legs (EB Haddon, 1905).

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Garden Furniture

AW0233 GARDEN FURNITURE 3 CHAIR 1 TABLE Set Billion Ironwood Swimming Pool REST HOUSE

$4,500.00 $2,800.00
Boat House

HP0533 SPECTACULAR XXXL TRIBAL 1280mm/50.4″ BOAT HOUSE VESSEL Figure Mansion Hotel Boat

$3,300.00 $1,900.00
Planing Tool

HP0569 TOP CLASS ARTIFACT Mythical Creature 9.9 lb Wood Planing Tool Tribal Dayak Borneo Statue Figure

Handmade Bowl

AW0309 Tribal Handmade Bowl Hardwood Native Borneo Asia Asian Art Basin Interior Decor

$495.00 $400.00
Weathered Statue

HP0366 TONGGOK DAYAK 850mm POLE Crocodile Weathered Statue Spiritual Guardian Reptile Animal Sculpture

$750.00 $350.00
Tribal Container

HP0291 TORA TORA TORAJA Old Jewelry / Medicine Box CATTLE HORN Ancestral artifact Statue Figure

$590.00 $350.00
Dragon Boat

HP0550 BORNEO VESSEL 20.5 TRIBAL COFFIN DRAGON BOAT Dayak Statue Sculpture Figure Naga Asia

$495.00 $300.00
Wooden Animal

HP0359 WORM TONGUE ANTEATER CROCODILE STATUE Spiritual Guardian Wooden Animal Sculpture Art

$495.00 $300.00
Tribal Paddle

AW0286 FOUR FANTASTIC Tribal PADDLE Regatta Kayak Water Sport Carved Wood Sculpture

Miniature Boat

HP0552 SERPENT Miniature BOAT 20.5″ OLD TRIBAL VESSEL Statue Sculpture Figure Tribal Asia Asian

$395.00 $250.00
Gasing Game

AT01160 MEGASIZE SPINNING TOP XXXL 280mm/11 GASING Spintop Traditional Tribal Game Asia

$350.00 $250.00

AW0311 #2 DAYAK HEADHUNTER 53mm Palang Ampallang Crossbar Penis Piercing Tribal Asia Tattoo Body Piercing

$295.00 $230.00

AW0310 DAYAK HEADHUNTER 55mm Palang Ampallang Crossbar Penis Piercing Tribal Orgasm Tattoo Body Piercing

$295.00 $230.00
Traditional Tattoo

AW0307 TATTOO INK BLOCK (One Pair xL) Ironwood Tribal Body Piercing Stamp Chop Sculpture Statue Handmade Artwork

Vintage Cutting Board

AW0304 TRIBAL VINTAGE CUTTING BOARD 395mm Papan Hiris Indonesia Panel Carving Art Statue Figure

$365.00 $220.00
Cutting Board

AW0303 KABIRU PANEL 380mm SUMBA INDONESIA Tribal Panel Cutting Board Statue Figure Wood Carving

$365.00 $220.00
Hidden Chamber

HP0551 HIDDEN CHAMBER BORNEO BOAT Artifact Vessel Statue Sculpture Figure Tribal Asia

$350.00 $200.00
Traditional Fan


$365.00 $200.00