Wide collections of Asian traditional warrior necklaces body jewellery, amulet, pendant and bangle. These gorgeous jewelleries are very important during cultural dance and festivals. Apart from this, the tribes wear them during performance of black magic and ritual healing.

In Asia, necklaces body jewellery are normally made of natural ornaments. The list of items that they use for these jewelleries are tree bark, coconut shells, brass, bronze and sea shells. This is the reason why these jewelleries are so special and unique

Tribes in Asia hang this necklaces body jewellery on their hunting trophy such as skulls when they are not wearing them. It can be very unique for display when hang on those hunting trophy.

This brings a very unique idea for home display or decorations. we have made display stands for the necklaces jewellery. It is ideal for decoration at restaurant, offices, hotels and home. It brings the culture of asia to your door step.

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necklace tribal

NC0227 #2 Kalabubu necklace tribal (With Stand) Polished Coconut Shell Jewelry Jewel Pendant Asian Tribe

Hawaii Necklace

NC0226 #25 Tribal Shells Seashell Jewelry Home Bar Restaurant Deco Gift Hawaii Necklace

shell artwork

NC0225 #24 Tribal Necklace Shell Artwork Seashell Jewelry Home Bar Restaurant Deco Gift Hawaii

Shell Deco

NC0224 #23 Tribal Necklace Shell Deco Art Artwork Seashell Body Ornament Adornment Jewelry Gift

necklace jewelry

NC0223 Kalabubu Necklace Jewelry (405mm On Stand) Polished Coconut Shell Jewel Pendant Tribal Asia

Halloween costume

NC0222 #22 Halloween Costume Tribal Necklace Shells Seashell Body Jewelry Handmade Gift

Tribe Necklace

NC0221 #21 Christmas Present Tribe Necklace Shells Seashell Body Jewelry Handmade Gift

Handmade Jewelry

NC0220 #20 Handmade Jewelry Asian Tribal Necklace Shells Seashell Body Jewellery

Oceanic Art

NC0219 #19 Oceanic Art Tribal Necklace Shells Seashell Body Jewelry Halloween Gift

Christmas gift necklace

NC0218 #18 Tribal Jewelry Asia Seashell Necklace Shells Handmade Wedding Christmas Gift

cultural necklace

NC0217 #17 Traditional Anniversary Gift Body Jewelry Seashell cultural Necklace Shells Gem Handmade Gift Asia

women jewelry

NC0216 #16 Traditional Women Jewelry Seashell Necklace Bangle Bracelet Pendant Asia

primitive necklace

NC0215 #15 Men Jewelry Seashell primitive Necklace Shells Jewelry Bangle Bracelet Pendant Asia

unisex necklace

NC0214 #14 Women Jewellery Shells Seashell unisex Necklace Jewelry Tribal Asian Home Deco

men necklace

NC0213 #13 Men Jewellery Ocean Shells Seashell men Necklace Jewelry Tribal Body Adornment Asia

warrior necklace

NC0212 #12 Oceanic Art Men Seashell warrior Necklace Jewelry Tribal Costume Body Accessory

women necklace

NC0211 #11 Oceanic Seashell Women Necklace Jewelry Tribal Costume Body Accessory

body jewellery

NC0210 #10 Seashell Dangle Necklace Tribal Jewelry body jewellery Accessory Ocean Asian Shell