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Foreword: Over 1200 rarely seen, beautiful and fascinating images vividly bring Malaysias history to life-including maps, prints and engravings before the age of photography; rare hand-coloured glass slides; early photographs of picturesque views and evocative portraits captured in the 1980s

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Title: MALAYSIA Pictorial History 1400-2004

Author: Wendy Khadijah Moore.

This book is by early professional studios. With official photographs of royal festivities. As well as, armature attempts to record people, places and wildlife. The shots of press photographs chronicling everyday life as well as major events such as World War II. The Emergency and Independence. The late 20th century photographers who have documented the country’s journey from a largely agrarian community to an industrialized nation.

Thus, the two year search for the vivid and unusual resulted in a number of unexpected discoveries. That are reproduced alongside with classic images. Which no visual history of Malaysia would be complete. Each picture conveys a strong sense of place. Thus, together they tell the story of Malaysia’s progress through its development. Thus, from ancient trading kingdom to a modern independent nation.

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    beautiful ornaments, museum quality, fast response and shipping.. well packed.. highly recommended.

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