Batak SimaLungun (One Pair) Bamboo Container Box Tribal Container Asia Asian Indonesia Artifact


Rare authentic pieces, one pair Batak Simalungun Bamboo Container / Rice Box, stopper made of wood, whereas the body are of massive bamboo (115mm diameter). Two Parsihili figure/statues decorate each top, keeping away illnesses. Circa 1960, one piece has a split from natural aging(view pic), but otherwise they are well kept pieces. Batak rice boxes are a lot rarer than medicine boxes. Toba Batak, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Toba Batak believe that they originate from one ancestor Si Raja Batak, everyone else descended from him. Toba Batak are known traditionally for their weaving, wood carving and especially ornate stone tombs. Their burial and marriage traditions are very rich and complex. The burial tradition includes a ceremony in which the bones of ones ancestors are re interred several years after death.

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Published on:16/06/2019

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Height: 56 and 57 cm / 22 and 22.4 inches

Diameter: 11.5 cm / 4.5 inches each

Weight: 3.2 kg / 7 lb

After packing: 5 kg / 11 lb

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