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AT0514 gorgeous vase YELLOW NYONYA VASE Jar Phoenix Peonies Flower Pot Pottery Ceramic

$350.00 $200.00

AT01102 RARE CHOPSTICK HOLDER 2 Colors Nyonya Baba Chinese Asia Restaurant Cafe Dining

$280.00 $200.00

AT01212 GINSENG SOUP COVERED BOWL Peonies and Phoenix peranakan singapore Porcelain Box Nyonya Baba Kitchen

$360.00 $200.00

AT01257 CERAMIC COVERED JAR 130mm KAMCHENG Peranakan Baba Nyonya culture Chinese Porcelain Asia Asian Art

$260.00 $200.00

AT0621 ANTIQUE WHITE CHUPU Colourful pattern Nyonya COVERED JAR BOX Porcelain chinese

$550.00 $230.00

AT01213 baba NYONYA Ware SOUP BOWL Chinese Wedding / Food Serving Jar

$360.00 $250.00

AT01259 MEDICINE and HERB 160mm CERAMIC BOX Container Covered Jar Asia chinese art Porcelain

$330.00 $250.00


$495.00 $280.00

AT0742 TALL COVERED JAR singapore Kam cheng Porcelain Pot Vase Pottery Asia

$395.00 $300.00

AT01041 GREEN 330mm COVERED JAR peranakan kam cheng Phoenix Porcelain Pot Vase Pottery #4

$380.00 $300.00

AT01187 RARE BEAUTY 190mm VASE Nyonya Flower Pot Jar Ceramic Fine Art Feng Shui Planters

$395.00 $300.00

AT01184 Phoenix baba nyonya singapore PLATE SERVING DISH Dining Food Wedding Ceramic Art

$395.00 $300.00

AT01103 SELLING CHEAP peranakan vase Jar Phoenix and Peonies Flower Pot Pottery Feng Shui

$365.00 $300.00

AT01270 YELLOW and GREEN 215mm Covered Jar Kamcheng Peranakan Baba Nyonya chinese malay Porcelain Asia Asian Art

$380.00 $300.00

AT01242 GREEN and PINK 210mm Covered Jar Kamcheng Peranakan Baba Nyonya ornament Porcelain Asian Art

$380.00 $330.00

AT01119 235mm GIANT peranakan teapot BABA NYONYA Wedding Ware POT TEAKETTLE Old STEAMER PORCELAIN

$495.00 $350.00

AT01136 PUNCH PARTY BOWL 11.8″ BASIN Phoenix and Peonies Baba Nyonya Porcelain Dish Plate

$600.00 $350.00

AT01258 DENSE FLORA 8.3″ BLUE KAMCHENG Peranakan Nyonya Chinese Ceramic Covered Jar Container Asian Art Culture

$450.00 $350.00