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MC0334 ONE PAIR 150mm BETEL NUT BAMBOO Powder CONTAINER Medicine Jewelry Jewel Box vintage deco

$130.00 $85.00

MC0316 #3 LARGE BATAK CHAMBER 380mm HORN GANA-GANA Statue Sculpture Artifact Art Oceanian Container

$455.00 $290.00

MC0301 ONE PAIR NIAS BAMBOO Giant Bottle 425mm Container Carrier Jewel Box Sculpture Artifact

$495.00 $360.00

AT0979 AUTHENTIC 770mm TRADITIONAL DAYAK TOMB Burial Chamber Asian Urn Sandung Naga Coffin Statue Borneo

$1,450.00 $850.00

MC0299 7.) DAYAK TRADITIONAL BOX 320mm Oceanian Art Chamber Lupong Medicine Statue Artifact Borneo

$280.00 $180.00

MC0296 4.) DAYAK CHAMBER 280mm LUPONG DAYAK Medicine Box Statue Asia Artifact indonesia

$280.00 $180.00

MC0295 3.) ONE PAIR DAYAK CHAMBER 310mm LUPONG DAYAK Medicine Box Statue Tree Bark

$550.00 $350.00

MC0280 CATTLE HORN One Pair 120mm TORAJA JEWELLERY BOX CONTAINER Ancestral Figure Statue

$380.00 $180.00

MC0279 cultural artifact GIANT BAMBOO 160mm TORAJA BOTTLE BOX CONTAINER Ancestral Figure Statue Image

$230.00 $150.00

MC0271 260mm TANIMBAR LETI MEDICINE CHAMBER CONTAINER Bone Artifact Statue Sculpture

$590.00 $390.00

MC0245 RARE PUMPKIN FRUIT asian Artefact Toraja Bottle Ancestral Figure Statue Image Sulawesi Oceanic Artifact

$220.00 $160.00

MC0235 OLD BETEL NUT CONTAINER Kapur Sirih Batak Indonesia Artifact Box Bottle Chamber

$380.00 $190.00

MC0207 ASO NAGA RITUAL ANCESTRAL Cultural Container Lupong Medicine Box Chamber Ornament #4

$260.00 $220.00

MC0132 asian craft BAMBOO CONTAINER BATAK Medicine Jewelry Jewel Document Box Calendar


BB084 Archaeology BOOK Stegodon The Sarawak Museum Journal Natural Human Science

$65.00 $55.00

MC0104 tribal ornament BATAK BAMBOO CONTAINER Chamber Box Ancestral Facial Image Figure Statue

$295.00 $250.00

BB019 FREE SHIPPING: HARDCOVER BOOK (MALAYSIA Pictorial History 1400-2004) 1200 IMAGES

$118.00 $105.00