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HP0281 GIANT STATUE 930mm DAYAK WARRIOR Sculpture Artifact Image Icon Borneo Headhunter


HP0424 ERODED GUARDIAN 1190mm DAYAK STATUE Patung Kebahan Sculpture Primitive Figure


HP0400 4 ANTIQUE AUTHENTIC 610-790mm GUARDIAN POLE Dayak Eroded outdoor Statue Primitive Figure


HP0610 Mamasa Indonesian Statue Pillar (705mm On Stand) Tongkonan Toraja Home Sculpture Figure Figurine Tribal Asia


HP0467 FEMALE FERTILITY GUARDIAN 1140mm POLE STATUE Aged Asian Sculpture Figure Borneo


HP0453 MALE PATUNG POLISI 1100mm XXXL STATUE Police Dayak Tribal Figure Wood Sculpture


HP0275 WEATHERED GUARDIAN STATUE 1.4meter Massive Eroded Dayak antique Figure Sculpture Outdoor Yard Garden Tribal Art


HP0454 MASSIVE DAYAK FIGURE 1290mm HARDWOOD STATUE landscape Sculpture Dayak Tribal


HP0265 THREE WEATHERED DAYAK GUARDIAN primitive sculpture Antique Artifact Figure Icon


HP0364 MASSIVE 840mm DAYAK WARRIOR and SPEAR Antique Sculpture Artifact Borneo Headhunter


HP0398 FOUR ERODED 400-880mm STATUE Patung Kebahan Dayak Primitive Art Figure AUTHENTIC


HP0606 Weathered XXXL 980mm Ancestral Dayak Figure Sculpture Guardian Statue (Mythical Asia)


HP0457 STRANGE ARM 1060mm DAYAK STATUE tribal effigy Figure Dyak Authentic


HP0456 50 lb XXXL DAYAK STATUE 1240mm TALL Tribal statue Sculpture Borneo Dyak Native


HP0468 Asian 1550mm IRONWOOD LONGHOUSE STAIRCASE STAIRS Dayak Figure Statue Sculpture


HP0635 WOODEN ALTAR 590mm Rare Dayak Bahau Ironwood Tray Statue Figure Figurine Sculpture Worship


HP0426 HUMAN SIZE 1660mm GUARDIAN STATUE Eroded Outdoor deco Dayak Figure Sculpture RARE


HP0472 DAYAK KALTENG 1420mm 85lb GIANT STATUE Eroded Outdoor Figure Sculpture Indonesia