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AT01347 Antique Cooking Pot 200mm Brass Brassware Camping Hiking Cooker Basin Couldron War Soldier Military


FS0149 Elephant Fossil Herbivorous Animal 200mm Stegodon / Mastadon Teeth Mammal Prehistoric Fossils


FS0151 Plant Fossil Tribal Borneo Mask Fossils Organic Prehistoric Plant Tree Flora


FS0150 Wood Fossil One Pair Tribal Borneo Mask Fossils Organic Prehistoric Plant Tree Flora


AT01338 Traditional Iron 205mm Charcoal Ironing Shirt T-shirt Fabric Textile Brass Bronze Antique Brassware


WR0270 SEED BASKET 360mm MEGA-SIZE Old Weaving Woven Fiber Art Rattan Bowl Basketry Tribal Borneo


AT01309 COW BELL 95mm ANTIQUE Herdsman Cattle Livestock Music Instrument Agricultural Tool Brass Cowbell


AT01308 ANKLET BRACELET (Large 132mm and 134mm) ANTIQUE Old Tribal Ornament Bangle Women Dance Dancing Jewelry


AT01307 ANKLET JEWELRY (One Pair) ANTIQUE Tribal Ornament Bracelet Bangle Women Adornment Chain Accessories


AT01303 Batik Indonesia 180mm Copper Print Textile Fabric Vintage TJAP Stamp Chop Block


FS0148 Herbivorous Fossil Stegodon / Mastadon Teeth Elephant Mammal Prehistoric Fossils


GC0297 EXTREMELY RARE BRUNEI GONG 470mm Three Raised Naga Brass Drum Wealth Status Antique