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Book cultural ethnography culture, tribes and their daily story and living in the jungle house known as longhouse.

In Sarawak, the dominant tribal groups are the Dayak. Tribal people live in longhouses. There are the Iban (Sea Dayak), and the Bidayuh (Land Dayak). All of Malaysia’s tribal people feel a strong spiritual connection to the rainforest. Hence, the Iban grow rice and fruit, and hunt and fish.
Thus, the longhouse is the very centre of communal life in Sarawak. Subsequently, there are over 4,500 longhouses in Sarawak. Therefore, these communal houses, built on stilts, may contain up to 100 individual families in separate ‘apartments’ built under one long roof.

The rainforest is home to 27 ethnic groups each with own distinct language and culture.
The real longhouse experience begins with the journey upriver. River travel in a perahu – a shallow draught canoe – affords you the pleasure of seeing Sarawak at its best. Longhouses differ slightly from tribe to tribe but share the same basic characteristic.

Therefore, the Iban are the largest tribe in Sarawak and one of three native peoples whose past includes the practice of headhunting

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