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WE01958 JAVANESE BUTA 80mm KRIS HILT Handle Figure Weapon Sword Knife Dagger Arms Keris


WE01957 KERIS HILT 85mm HORSE HANDLE Animal Figure Statue Weapon Sword Knife Dagger Kris


MS0142 MUSEUM PIECE MASK 520mm LONG SNOUT Antique Borneo Dancing Hudog Masque Tribal Artifact Sculpture


MS0141 GENUINE OLD MASK 490mm Borneo Dancing Hudog Masque Tribal Wooden Artifact Sculpture Asia


MS0140 ONE & ONLY 400mm FEMALE WOODEN MASK Vintage Old Dayak Modang Statue Sculpture Wall Deco Asia


FS0134 Feathered Dinosaur Archaeopteryx 205mm Small Extinct (150.8 million – 125.45 million years ago) Fossil Fossils Bird


AT01299 FLOWER 170x170mm BATIK BRASS/COPPER TJAP Old Stamp Chop Block Print Stamp Textile Fabric


AT01298 TRIBES OF BORNEO 210mm Old Batik Tjap Print Stamp Chop Block Stamping Brass/Copper Textile Fabric


WE01956 THREE SUMPIT 78″ / 1980mm TRADITIONAL BLOWPIPE Spear Primitive Hunting Weapon Knife Tribal Asia


WE01955 LAND DAYAK VINTAGE 385mm BLOWPIPE QUIVER Darts Hunting Traditional Tribal Borneo Hunter


AT01297 NEPAL NEPALESE Antique Printing Block Chop Textile Fabric Stamp Print Tribal Asia #16


AT01296 NEPAL NEPALESE Antique Wooden Print Chop Block Textile Fabric Stamp Native Asia #15


AT01295 NEPAL NEPALESE Antique Chop Print Wood Block Textile Fabric Stamp Asia Tribe #14


AT01294 NEPAL NEPALESE Antique Batik Print Wood Printing Block Textile Fabric Chop Stamp Kathmandu #13


AT01293 NEPAL NEPALESE Vintage Wooden Printing Block Textile Marker Fabric Chop Print Stamp #12


AT01292 NEPAL NEPALESE Vintage Tribal Textile Marker Fabric Chop Print Block Stamp Antique Asia #11


AT01291 NEPAL NEPALESE Vintage Tribal Fabric Chop Print Block Stamp Antique Wooden Textile #10


AT01290 THREE NEPAL NEPALESE Handmade Textile Block Stamp Antique Wooden Chop Fabric Print #9