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asian antique, old tribal arts, cultural ornaments in this gallery are carefully picked and divided into 29 categories

Source the best selections of antique, Borneo tribal arts, old artifacts and cultural ornament. Ornaments in Asian antique gallery are collected for its special features and cultural value. Thus, these old ornaments are of exceptional quality.

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Product Gallery of asian antiques, tribal art, cultural ornaments

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CR0182 TREE BARK CONTAINER 285mm Tribal Hunting Box Lupong Forest Sling bag Borneo Headhunter Dayak


WR0272 BORNEO FIBER ART 350mm Ajat (Rice Grass Pattern) Weaving Basket Bag Backpack Tribal Carrier #7


WR0271 BORNEO BAG AJAT 350mm (Lintah/Leech Pattern) Fiber Art Backpack Handbag Tribal Carrier #6


AT01333 WINE JAR 300mm ANTIQUE Ching Dynasty(1644-1912) Rice Liquor Alcohol Pot Pottery Vase Porcelain


CR0181 BORNEO CHILD CARRIER 350mm Old Traditional Baby Backpack Rattan Weaving Fiber Art


SH0214 TRADITIONAL ARMOR (Supersize 1250mm Shield) War Armor Wood Craft Sculpture Borneo


SH0213 BATTLE SHIELD (1240mm 1 Pair) Tribal War Armor Wood Carving Wall Hanging Deco Sculpture


AW0321 TRADITIONAL TATTOOING (One Pair xL) Ironwood Tribal Body Piercing Stamp Chop Print Sculpture Statue Borneo


AW0320 BORNEO TATTOO (1 Pair) Tattooing Ink Block Stamp Cast Print Body Piercing Statue Figurine


AW0319 TATTOO EQUIPMENT (1 Pair) Traditional Tribal Ink Block Body Piercing Statue Figure Borneo


PK0573 BORNEO TRIBAL SKIRT 530mm Ladies Ikat Bidang Traditional Dress Garment Pillow & Wall Art


AT01332 NYONYA COVERED JAR 170mm Brass Bronze Kamcheng Rare Pot Pottery Vase Peranakan Chinese


AT01331 PERANAKAN JOSS STICK 190mm Holder Pot Pottery Vase Chinese Nyonya Incense Burner


AT01330 NYONYA POT 450mm GREEN GLAZED Gourd Vase Phoenix Feng Shui Chinese Porcelain Home Deco


AT01329 PERANAKAN POT 420mm GREEN VASE Baba Nyonya Nyonyaware Ceramic Porcelaine Old Pottery


AT01328 PERANAKAN SPITTOON 220mm (One Pair) Baba Nyonya Vase Pot Pottery Jar Ceramic Porcelain


MS0151 TRIBAL ARTICULATED MASK 540mm Rare Bidayuh Masque Dayak Borneo Sculpture Figurine Wall Hanging


MS0156 BORNEO DANCING MASK 420mm Rare Ritual Hudog Bahau Masque Antique Earring Basket Statue Figurine Wall Deco