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Source the best selections of antique, Borneo tribal arts, old artifacts and cultural ornament. Ornaments in Asian antique gallery are collected for its special features and cultural value. Thus, these old ornaments are of exceptional quality.

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WR0263 Fish Trap (ONE PAIR) Lamp Decoration Tribal Home Architecture Lure Bait Trap Outdoor Fishing


ER0281 Barbell Piercing One Pair Penis Adornment Tribal Sex Ampallang Palang Apadravya


AW0312 Oar Paddle 1050-1130mm Four Pieces Tribal Regatta Kayak Water Sport Sculpture Wood Carving Asia


WR0262 Farming Basket 680mm Traditional Rattan Tambok Backpack Weaving Bag Asia

$380.00 $330.00

MS0139 Ritual Mask 500mm Pig Masque Dayak Hudog Dancing Face Statue Figure Figurine Asia


TO0111 Walking Cane Hardwood Ironwood Quality Stick Hiking Rod Staff Pole Statue Tribal Borneo


HP0624 FERTILITY FIGURINE One Pair Dayak Bahau Male Female Statue Figure Figurine Naked Sculpture Asia


HP0623 Mythical Bird and Man 350mm Antique Hardwood Statue Figure Figurine Borneo Asia


HP0622 Asian Warrior 440mm Dayak Headhunter Statue Figure Figurine Weapon Shield Tribal Sculpture


HP0621 DAYAK EMBAWANG Candle Stand 220mm Statue Figure Sculpture Artifact Tribal Native Borneo


AT01281 NATIVE HEADDRESS 110mm Tribal Hairpin Comb Buffalo Horn Body Ornament Jewelry


AT01280 Underwater Treasure SUNG / SONG (960-1279) DISH / PLATE / BOWL Chinese Porcelain Ceramic


MC0383 BAMBOO BOTTLE 430mm Giant Tribal Box Keeper Container Jewelry Document Case


FS0132 Mammoth Elephant 200mm Fossil Fossils Extinct Specimen Stegodon Mastadon Prehistoric


FS0131 Herbivorous Animal 230mm FOSSIL Stegodon / Mastadon Teeth Elephant Mammal Prehistoric Fossils


FS0130 Stegodon / Mastadon Teeth 250mm Fossil Fossils Mammoth Elephant Mammal Prehistoric Specimen


WR0258 Handmade Placemat 510mm Old Aged Rattan Table Panel Fiber Art Weaving Woven Tribal Asia


WR0257 Rattan Panel 550 x 470 mm Wall Hanging Decor Fiber Art Weaving Woven Painting