LARGE SICKNESS STATUE 680mm Melanau Dayak Figure Sculpture Hardwood Tribal

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A LARGE 680mm Sickness Statue of Melanau origin in Borneo. The sculpture is hand-carved from ONE piece of Ironwood(hardest wood in the world) with its typical elongated tongue of the Berayun demigod. Circa 1960, some hairlines around the serpent head, but otherwise the statue is almost as hard as rock!

Height: 68 cm / 26.8 inches
Base: 21 x 19 cm / 8.3 x 7.5 inches

Weight: 13.9 kg / 30.5 lb
After packing: 18 kg / 39 lb

Berayun ceremony:
The Melanau traditionally believed that most sickness are caused by supernatural elements and they can identify more than 40 main such spirits.

In its early stage, or if it is slight, the sickness is usually dealt with by the Dukun, an expert in herbal cures and magic charms, who would also prescribe medicine. If the sickness persists, then an expert would be invited to carve image of the responsible spirit in sago pith, called a Blum / Belum.

After the appropriate spell is said over it and a mixture of chewed betelnut, sireh leaves and lime spat at it, the bad spirit is said to have left the patient and entered the image. After water has been poured over the image and patient, recovery would take place if the diagnosis has been correct. The spirit would remain in the image for 3 days, after which it would be taken to the proper habitation of the spirit, the jungle or the river, and abandoned there.

If the above ritual is not successful then more complicated healing ceremonies like the Berbayoh, Baguda and Berayun will be carried out in which images are sometimes used.

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Published on:28/07/2018

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