TRIBAL PANEL (1 PAIR) DAYAK ASIA Home Garden Wall Sculpture Painting Art Door

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Borneoartifact Item Number: WD 080
A beautiful & matching pair of Dayak panels, each panel carved and fused together from two pieces of hardwood.

Motif: Orang Utan amongst %u201CBuah Berasok%u201D / jungle vine( a famous pattern amongst the Kenyah artwork, the motif of this door is shown in the famous book Hornbill & Dragons : Borneo.

Suitable as doors as well as wall decoration, please note the panels are not perfectly flat, also there is a crack(due to natural aging) on one of the panels(I can repair this upon request, and with no added charges).

Height: 196 cm / 77.2 inches each
Width(both panels together): 86 cm / 33.9 inches
Thickness including motif: 4.5 cm / 1.8 inch

Weight: 27.7 kg / 60.9 lb
After packing: Estimated 50 kg / 110 lb

Shipping Price: USD 380 worldwide

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Published on:17/01/2018

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