FOUR SUMPIT 80″ / 1980mm NATIVE BLOWPIPE SPEAR Primitive Hunting Weapon Knife


Borneoartifact item number: WE 01941  Four genuine Native Blowpipe Spear fitted with sharp spearheads, suitable for decoration or a tool to acknowledge from the primitive world of Borneo natives, made from quality Ironwood(hardest wood in the world), Traditional Weapon bores are straight(I personally checked them) and still in 100% order should one wishes to make the right bullets for it.

Sharp metal spear fitted on each of these blowpipes, be very careful when handling them, enjoy shopping with us! Length(with spear): 197-198 cm / 77.6-80 inches Diameter(largest point): 2.9-3.5 cm /1.1-1.4 inch Circa 1970.

Total weight: 5 kg / 11 lb After packing: 8.5 kg / 18.7 lb In Borneo the Blowpipe is a narrow wooden tube having a hole in the center to allow a stream of air to be directed onto a bullet when blowing the blowpipe.

This is an effective tool for hunting and the Orang Asli, in particular, has been successful for centuries in hunting. I will ship via Courier Service(5-7 working days) worldwide, insured.

shipping to worldwide $120

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Published on:26/07/2018

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