#3 OIL PAINTING: 1390 x 900mm DAYAK HUNTER FIGURE Sculpture Drawing Headhunter

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WD 076
An old & original all hand-painted oil painting of a Penan Dayak chief hunter in standing motion in his full Dayak attire holding an amputated enemy head, Parang / sword, Loincloth, shell armbands and an elaborated Topi Burung Kenyalang / Hornbill Head & Feathers. His body is pierced with the classic Bunga Terung tattoo, also note his elongated earlobes(a symbol of the Penans). Circa 1970

Once hung on longhouses, now a worthy painting / drawing for your home and antique collectors, painted on a canvas I will roll it up and ship in a hard tube.

Height x Width: 139 x 90 cm / 54.7 x 35.4 inches

Estimated weight after packing: 0.8 kg / 1.7 lb
Volumetric weight(HxWxL/5000): 2 kg / 4.4 lb

I will ship via Registered Mail, 14 working days worldwide. Insured.

Shipping Price: USD 28 worldwide

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Published on:17/01/2018

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