SPECTACULAR DAYAK BLANKET Ancestral Iban Textile Skull & Ritual Cloth Fabric


Old Pua Kumbu, authentic ritual blanket.

Pua kumbu of Borneo:

The Pua weaving or the Pua Kumbu is a ritual blanket used for religious ceremonies, festivals Gawai, ceremonies associated with birth, death, healing or soul-searching and war of headhunting. It serves as a means of communication between this world and the world of ancestors, spirits and gods.

Here, the weaver puts down a woven graphic design of the Iban animistic beliefs, the spiritual realm and the world view of life around them ie. the trees, animals, insects, jungle life, natural and supernatural life. Each weaver never draws up the image she intended to dye. The designs are vested with meaning and energy. The more powerful a design, the closer it brings an Iban to the spiritual world. The more powerful the design, the greater the danger for the weaver.

The Weaver-Chemist: All the dyes used in the traditional Pua Kumbu are vegetable and fruit(mango stein-reddish color) origin, and the method of preparing the %u201Cmordant bath%u201D for the cotton yarn and the actual dye-bath are only carried out by the special divinely-ordained weavers accorded the status of Tau Nakar Tau or Who Knows the Secret of Measuring Out the Drugs in Order to Obtain the rich colors.

This pua: An old pua kumbu adorn with four rows of paired Buah Sempuyong / Skull Basket pattern.

No Selakoh / top & bottom are plain.

Only natural dye from vegetable or fruit are used. Please dont ever have any contact with water, as this will permanently destroy the colors.

Origin: Sarawak, Borneo.

Age: The pua is over 50 years old, authentic.

Condition: Some discoloration on the pua, otherwise in very good condition.


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Published on:17/01/2018

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Height: 183 cm / 72 inches
Width: 115 cm / 45.3 inches

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