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Large Penis-Genital piercing Palang from Billion / Iron wood. Length: 7 cm / 2.8 inches Diameter(largest point): 4.5 cm / 1.8 inch In many extreme cases, I might say this would and still is the most outstanding body piercing by the Iban people of Borneo.

In fact I see so many Western countries doing the palang these days and this is how it works: The Palang is a piercing made across (horizontally) the surface of the glans.

It can be made through the urethra or above or below it. The term Palang translates as Crossbar in Iban and such similarity can be seen on timber roof supports of their traditional longhouses which also symbolizes the rank and power of that particular man in his community. The Iban men had been practicing such piercing method for many centuries, not only as body jewelry or Ampalang BUT more importantly to increase sexual pleasure. Please view photos below to appreciate, thanks! I will be using Registered Mail, 14 working days worldwide, insurance included.


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Published on:09/08/2018

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