ANTIQUE AUTHENTIC Sung Dynasty JAR POT VASE Clam CORAL Underwater Artifact

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A LARGE Sung Dynasty pot excavated from water, note BEAUTIFUL coral and even a giant oyster clam attached to the pots lid. Viewing carefully, a half side of the oyster shell has fallen off into the pot, it is too big to be taken out through the lid, amazing. A very rare collection of the Sung era.

Estimate 800years old. Sung/Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Diameter: 21 cm / 8.3 inches
Height(includes coral growth): 25 cm / 9.8 inches
Weight: 3.2 kg / 7 lb

After packing: 6 kg / 13.2 lb

Age and history: All these ceramic remains were excavated from strategic locations around the river and shallow ocean of Southern Borneo, experts are strongly suggesting these to have originated from the Sung Dynasty, dated 800years ago!

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Published on:29/07/2018

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