ASIAN 9.2 lb ANTIQUE KETTLE Teko Pot Teakettle Kitchen Brass Ware Drinkware


Antique Brunei brass kettle featuring two fisherman, mammals & crocodile. Original antique condition, well preserved & no repair. Circa 1850. One & Only.

Rare feature: Fisherman.

Height with handle: 33 cm / 13 inches
Height without handle: 27 cm / 10.6 inches
Diameter: 22.5 cm / 8.9 inches
Across(largest point): 29 cm / 11.4 inches

Weight: 4.2 kg / 9.2 lb
After packing: 6.5 kg / 14 lb

Origin: Brunei, Borneo. In the bygone days, such artifacts were preferred monetary tender, desirable marriage dowry and were treasured as a heirloom and as status symbol. The art of metal-casting was known in the Brunei Sultan for as long as the 16th century. Early trade with China, India and the Middle East may have ushered in the craft along with the forms and decorative motifs.


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Published on:01/11/2018

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