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PK0575 TRADITIONAL SARONG 530mm Skirt Dress Ladies Garment Tribal Textile Dayak Borneo


PK0574 FEMALE SARONG 600mm XXXL Traditional Skirt Dress Borneo Ladies Garment Tribal Textile


PK0573 BORNEO TRIBAL SKIRT 530mm Ladies Ikat Bidang Traditional Dress Garment Pillow & Wall Art


AT01319 ANTIQUE SEWING MACHINE 2510 Simanco Year 1923 Old Singer ISMACS (International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society) Vintage Textile Stitch


AT01318 VINTAGE SEWING MACHINE Model 15NL Old Singer ISMACS (International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society) Textile Stitch


PK0567 AUTHENTIC WARRIOR JACKET (Arm to Arm 410mm) SHIRT Headhunting Asia Male Tribal Attire Antique Textile


PK0566 Antique Borneo Sarong Skirt (480mm waist) Green Sungkit Bidang Dress Tribal Costume Fabric Wall Deco


PK0565 MASSIVE 2.5 meter TRIBAL TEXTILE Pua Kumbu Traditional Tribal Blanket Borneo Asia Old Authentic


PK0570 Ritual textile 830mm Headhunter Tribe Borneo Tribal Asia Traditional Cloth Fabric Wall Hanging


PK0563 TRADITIONAL ASIAN TEXTILE 1460mm Old Textile Ritual Religious Headhunting Borneo Pua Kumbu Blanket


PK0561 TEXTILE OF BORNEO 1300mm Old Authentic Tribal Blanket Textile Fabric Wall Deco Pua Kumbu


PK0415 Tribal Costume IKAT SKIRT Skull Basket Head Dayak SARONG LADIES GARMENT OUTFIT #198