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HP0629 Wooden Bird Large 1040mm/1.04meter Sculpture Travel Asia Borneo Hornbill Statue Animal Figure


HP0628 FOUR NAKED STATUE (For Wedding or Lovers) Brass Man Women Male Female Figure Figurine Sexy Asian


HP0690 Ancestral Figurine (240mm On Stand) Antique Itara Statue Timor Atauro Island Naked Male Figure

Original price was: $495.00.Current price is: $400.00.

HP0626 PANGLIMA NIAS STATUE 440mm Asian Figurine Wedding Xmas Hotel Home Bar Office Tribal Sculpture Figure


HP0625 NIAS WARRIOR STATUE 390mm Interior Hotel Home Pub Bar Office Tribal Sculpture Figure Figurine


TO0111 Walking Cane Hardwood Ironwood Quality Stick Hiking Rod Staff Pole Statue Tribal Borneo


HP0624 FERTILITY FIGURINE One Pair Dayak Bahau Male Female Statue Figure Figurine Naked Sculpture Asia


HP0623 Mythical Bird and Man 350mm Antique Hardwood Statue Figure Figurine Borneo Asia


HP0673 Asian Warrior 430mm Dayak Headhunter Statue Figure Figurine Weapon Shield Tribal Sculpture


HP0621 DAYAK EMBAWANG Candle Stand Holder 220mm Statue Figure Sculpture Artifact Tribal Native Ashtray Borneo


HP0620 Large tribal Pillow (570mm) Head rest Korwar Irian Vintage Authentic Artifact Statue Figure Figurine Asian

Original price was: $950.00.Current price is: $750.00.

AT01355 Ceramic Painting 610mm Green Peranakan Baba Nyonya Feng Shui Porcelain Drawing Chinese Asian Art

Original price was: $1,100.00.Current price is: $750.00.