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WR0275 Borneo Hat 500mm Aristocrat Artifact Weaving Miniature Harvest Statue Figure Figurine Dayak Borneo

Original price was: $880.00.Current price is: $700.00.

WR0274 Harvest Hat 560mm Green Sa Ong Sa-ong Beads Weaving Aged Sun Field Shade Dayak Borneo


WR0273 Sun Hat 560mm Yellow Sa Ong Sa-ong Beads Weaving Aged Harvest Field Dayak Borneo


WR0221 DURABLE RATTAN BAG Tote Handbag Ajat Traditional Weaving Handmade Tribal #2


WR0278 Borneo Fiber Art Shoulder Bag Weaving Basket Tote Handbag Traditional Rattan Product


WR0271 BORNEO BAG AJAT 350mm (Lintah/Leech Pattern) Fiber Art Backpack Handbag Tribal Carrier #6


WR0288 Outdoor Fish Trap Large 910mm (One Pair) Bubu Lantai Lure Bait Traditional Fishing

Original price was: $995.00.Current price is: $900.00.

WR0267 RATTAN PURSE 200mm Handmade Rattan Tote Sling Bag Traditional Weaving Fiber Art Handbag


WR0266 RATTAN BASKET (giant size 695 and 915 mm) Tribal Fiber Old Artifact Basketry Borneo Weaving


WR0265 Wedding Tea Ceremony 285mm Rattan Chinese Basket Box Woven Weaving Fiber Art


WR0264 ANTIQUE Farming Basket (One Pair) Old Traditional Rattan Tambok Backpack Weaving Bag Asia


WR0263 Fish Trap (ONE PAIR) Lamp Shades Decoration Tribal Home Architecture Lure Bait Trap Outdoor Fishing