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WR0272 BORNEO FIBER ART 350mm Ajat (Rice Grass Pattern) Weaving Basket Bag Backpack Tribal Carrier #7


WR0271 BORNEO BAG AJAT 350mm (Lintah/Leech Pattern) Fiber Art Backpack Handbag Tribal Carrier #6


WR0268 OUTDOOR FISH TRAP Large 1090mm (One Pair) Bubu Lantai Rattan Lure Bait Traditional Fishing


WR0267 RATTAN PURSE 200mm Handmade Rattan Tote Sling Bag Traditional Weaving Fiber Art Handbag


WR0266 RATTAN BASKET (giant size 695 and 915 mm) Tribal Fiber Old Artifact Basketry Borneo Weaving


WR0265 Wedding Tea Ceremony 285mm Rattan Chinese Basket Box Woven Weaving Fiber Art


WR0264 ANTIQUE Farming Basket (One Pair) Old Traditional Rattan Tambok Backpack Weaving Bag Asia


WR0263 Fish Trap (ONE PAIR) Lamp Shades Decoration Tribal Home Architecture Lure Bait Trap Outdoor Fishing


WR0262 Farming Basket 680mm Traditional Rattan Tambok Backpack Weaving Bag Asia


WR0258 Handmade Placemat 510mm Old Aged Rattan Table Panel Fiber Art Weaving Woven Tribal Asia


WR0257 Rattan Panel 550 x 470 mm Wall Hanging Decor Fiber Art Weaving Woven Painting


WR0256 Rattan Placemat 550 x 490 mm Old Traditional Weaving Dining Table Mat Fiber Art


WR0255 Table Mat 580 x 450 mm Old Aged Rattan Weaving Woven Fiber Art Borneo Asia


WR0254 Dining Mat (740 x 540 mm) Old Rattan Panel Fiber Art Weaving Woven Painting Wall Deco


WR0253 Forest Basket 320mm Antique Fiber Art Bakul Tambok Weaving Woven Art Dayak Borneo


WR0252 Antique Crab Trap And Basket (590mm and 350mm) Tribal Weaving Fiber Art Borneo Asia


WR0261 AMAZING BEAUTY Three Antique Borneo 260-420mm Basket Tribal Bakul Dayak Fiber Art Fibre Basketry


WR0260 Fiber Art Class 220mm 3-Dimensional Weaving Dayak Tribes Of Borneo Asia Ceremonial Hat Costume