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SH0200 WAR SHIELD BORNEO 1280mm Mega Size Armor Guard Wood Carving Wall Deco Office Home Combat


SH0199 GORGEOUS PAIR 970mm Tribal Shield Of Borneo Armor Guard Wood Carving Wall Decor Office Home


SH0198 TRIBAL PANEL 3 Dimensional Dayak Shield Panel Anthropomorphic Art Figure Statue Wood Carving Wall Deco


SH0196 MEGA SIZE 1750mm TALL Warrior Tribal Bone Shield Armor Sculpture Statue Wall Home Hotel Deco


AT01178 BORNEO IRONWOOD ARTIFACT 14 lb XXXL ANTIQUE MEDICINE TRAY Traditional Pounder Dayak Tribe Tribal


WD085 SPIRITUAL BEING 77″x19.9″ TRIBAL Door PANEL Wall Statue Figure Painting Sculpture


MS0116 FACE OF ASIA 570mm/22.4 MASK ON STAND Native Indonesia Asian Facial Statue Art


MS0115 HARDWOOD TRIBAL MASK 560mm/22 ON STAND Native Indonesia Asia Asian Facial Face


SH0185 TRIBAL PAINTING x 3 OLD WALL PANEL Shield Figure Statue Dayak Dyak Native Asia


SH0184 TRIBAL SHIELD x 2 Carving Painting OLD 3-D Anthropomorphic Figure Statue Borneo


SH0183 TRIBAL PANEL x 2 OLD 3-Dimentional Sculpture Shield Anthropomorphic Figure Asian


SH0182 TRIBAL PANEL x 2 In 3-Dimentional Fashion Dayak Shield Anthropomorphic Figure