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MC0344 AUTHENTIC DAYAK ornament CARRIER 330mm HORN Medicine Herb Dart Container Artifact Borneo


SH0204 Anthropomorphic Tribal armor War Shield Ritual Dance Borneo Asia Wall Decor

$450.00 $390.00

SH0200 WAR SHIELD BORNEO 1280mm Mega Size Armor Guard Wood Carving Wall Deco Office Home Combat

$450.00 $380.00

SH0203 Spectacular borneo Artwork Tribal Shield War Armor (Home Wall Deco Wood Carving Asia)

$400.00 $360.00

NC0188 SEASHELL 27.6 On Stand IRIAN PAPUA NECKLACE Shell Art Jewelry Asia Asian Tribal


AT01178 BORNEO IRONWOOD ARTIFACT 14 lb XXXL ANTIQUE MEDICINE TRAY Traditional Pounder Dayak Tribe Tribal

$680.00 $350.00

MS0116 FACE OF ASIA 570mm/22.4 MASK ON STAND Native Indonesia Asian Facial Statue Art


MS0115 HARDWOOD TRIBAL MASK 560mm/22 ON STAND Native Indonesia Asia Asian Facial Face


ER0245 PHALLIC EARRING 270mm MASSIVE BATAK PADUNG Tribe Ornament Brass Jewelry

$550.00 $350.00

AT01090 ANTIQUE GLAZED 180mm Ching Pai TEAPOT Kettle Pot Teakettle Old dining ware Dynasty


SH0202 Wood Carving Tribal Armor War Carved Native Shield (Borneo Harvesting Rites Asia Home Deco)

$350.00 $300.00

HP0506 HEADHUNTER 520mm HOME GUARDIAN STATUE Authentic Dayak Primitive Figure Ironwood

$550.00 $300.00

MS0100 FOSSILIZED WOOD 100 PLANT FOSSILS Fossil Organic Prehistoric Plant MASK


SH0209 ARMOR SHIELD 1305mm (1 Pair) Dayak Tribe Tribal Panel Wood Carving Wall Deco


SH0195 TWO TRIBAL carved shield (Height: 310mm) Native Head hunter Tribe Dayak Borneo ARMOR ART


AT01144 YELLOW 8-lobbed PERANAKAN TRAY Nyonya Plate Dish Bowl Dining Wedding Chinese


WE01824 H.) EERIE KRIS BUNTEL MAYIT / CORPSE 9 Luk KERIS Madura Knife Sword Dagger Blade


WE01820 KERIS Gabilan Madura 11 Luk BLACK MAGIC (Pamor ADEQ) Knife Weapon Sword Keris