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CS0381 GIANT SEASHELL 330mm PACIFIC TRITON Large Sea Snail Charonia Seashell Trumpet Vintage Asia Art Home Deco #3

$200.00 $160.00

CS0379 PACIFIC TRITON (0.99 Pound) Large Sea Snail Seashell Charonia Trumpet Asia Home Deco #2

$180.00 $150.00

CS0388 PACIFIC TRITON 310mm Large Sea Snail Shell Seashell Charonia Trumpet Asian Art Home Deco #1

$180.00 $150.00

SH0201 TRIBAL WALL DECO 800-1260mm Three Sizes Ceremonial War Shield Wood Carving

$490.00 $400.00

SH0200 WAR SHIELD BORNEO 1280mm Mega Size Armor Guard Wood Carving Wall Deco Office Home Combat

$450.00 $380.00

SH0199 GORGEOUS PAIR 970mm Tribal Shield Of Borneo Armor Guard Wood Carving Wall Decor Office Home

$300.00 $250.00

SH0198 TRIBAL PANEL 3 Dimensional Dayak Shield Panel Anthropomorphic Art Figure Statue Wood Carving Wall Deco


SH0196 MEGA SIZE 1750mm TALL Warrior Tribal Bone Shield Armor Sculpture Statue Wall Home Hotel Deco

$1,900.00 $1,500.00

AT01178 BORNEO IRONWOOD ARTIFACT 14 lb XXXL ANTIQUE MEDICINE TRAY Traditional Pounder Dayak Tribe Tribal

$680.00 $350.00

WD085 SPIRITUAL BEING 77″x19.9″ TRIBAL Door PANEL Wall Statue Figure Painting Sculpture

$1,100.00 $850.00

MS0116 FACE OF ASIA 570mm/22.4 MASK ON STAND Native Indonesia Asian Facial Statue Art


MS0115 HARDWOOD TRIBAL MASK 560mm/22 ON STAND Native Indonesia Asia Asian Facial Face


SH0185 TRIBAL PAINTING x 3 OLD WALL PANEL Shield Figure Statue Dayak Dyak Native Asia


SH0184 TRIBAL SHIELD x 2 Carving Painting OLD 3-D Anthropomorphic Figure Statue Borneo


SH0183 TRIBAL PANEL x 2 OLD 3-Dimentional Sculpture Shield Anthropomorphic Figure Asian


SH0182 TRIBAL PANEL x 2 In 3-Dimentional Fashion Dayak Shield Anthropomorphic Figure


CS0386 XXXL CHARONIA 14.2″/360mm SEA SNAIL PACIFIC TRITON Seashell Shell Trumpet Lamp


AT01158 SPINTOP 3.5 lb IRONWOOD OLD GASING Spinning Top Traditional Toy Pastime Tribal

$295.00 $150.00