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WE0899 LEFT HANDED SWORD PARANG Head Hunting Butcher Knife Dagger Sarawak Borneo


CR0110 IRONWOOD BABY CARRIER ULU DAYAK Child Backpack knapsack Sling Bag Duffel BORNEO


HP0557 ABSTRACT BORNEO FIGURE 260mm/10.2″ Female Primitive Art Statue Sculpture HARDWOOD


HP0556 DAYAK BAHAU & JAR 10.6 Authentic Aged Statue Sculpture Primitive Figure Borneo


HP0553 OLD DAYAK BOAT 400mm Vessel Native Tribal Primitive Figure Statue home decoration


WE01906 KERIS JAVA Watermelon Skin Blade Knife Weapon Sword Dagger Kris Kriss Asia


WE01902 KERIS (SHOWER OF GOLD: PAMOR) GOLDEN BLADE Knife Weapon Sword asian dagger Kriss Kris


MS0150 BORNEO MASK OLD ASIAN ARTIFACT Topeng Wood Wall Decoration Face Facial Statue


HP0542 BORNEO TRIBE 400mm/15.7 naked sculpture PENIS STATUE Dayak Dyak Figure Asia


MI058 BORNEO SAPE XL 1240mm/48.8 TRIBAL GUITAR HORNBILL Musical Music Instrument Asia


HP0541 BORNEO SCULPTURE 880mm HORNBILL BIRD Tribal Figure Statue Animal Native Art


SH0189 ONE PAIR 1190mm/46.9 BORNEO SHIELD Dayak Asian Armor Tribe Tribal Panel Carving


GC0286 ANTIQUE ASIAN 13inch GONG RAISED NAGA Brass Drum Tribal Musical Music Instrument


HP0538 ANTIQUE DRAGON FIGURE (1 Pair M and F) Sculpture Statue Home Bar Pub Gift Christmas