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HP0581 ethnic STATUE 220mm ON STAND Antique Authentic Weathered TRIBAL FIGURE SCULPTURE

$495.00 $280.00

WE01512 KERIS ULER LULUT WENGKON LUK 7 Weapon Knife Dagger Sword Arms Kris Parang Silat


WR0217 TRIBAL WOVEN 235mm BASKET Weaving Bakul Handmade Container Box Bowl Storage Native Asia Borneo Dayak


AT01215 #1 ANTIQUE PROSPEROUS PANEL Chinese Wedded Gift Old Chinese Dynasty Scenery Asia


AT01216 #2 ANTIQUE PROSPEROUS PANEL Chinese Wedded Gift Chinese Old Dynasty Famille Rose


NC0197 DAYAK NECKLACE and Forest SEED Fruit Tree Plant Pendant Body Jewel Jewelry Ornament

$165.00 $110.00

MC0356 DRAGON NAGA 410mm Asian container Tribal Chamber Statue Medicine Box Sculpture #2


MC0363 PRIMITIVE OBJECT On Stand 200mm BATAK CONTAINER Statue Figure Chamber Box Keeper

$115.00 $80.00

MC0272 BUFFALO HORN 280mm TORAJA CHAMBER Medicine Container Artifact Traditional Tribal


MS0104 STONE MASK 170x140mm ROCK FACE Dayak Dyak Borneo Artifact Statue Figure Fossil?

$360.00 $200.00

MS0124 ONE PAIR WEDDING MASK Dayak Topeng Wall Facial Face Statue Sculpture Painting


MS0127 IBAN MASK Headhunter Borneo Facial Masque Tribal Face Topeng Dayak Statue Sculpture

$400.00 $250.00

FS07 WOOD WOODEN FOSSIL Pokok NIBUNG TREE Fossils Mineral Organic Remains Plant Tree

$580.00 $200.00

AW0288 CARVED TRIBAL PADDLE 1050mm Wooden Paddles Kayak Canoe Rafting Water Sport Art


ER0262 BIG COLLECTION 5 Pairs(10 pc) 550g HEAVYWEIGHT EARRING Dayak Body Piercing Brass


WE01530 MALAY ARCHIPELAGO 330mm DAGGER Badik Keris Kris Sword Samurai Knife Jawi #1


WE01887 BEST SELLER MACHETE 12inch Blade BRAND NEW Jungle gardening tool Parang Sword Knife


WE01938 BADIK RENCONG 370mm Jawi Blade Keris Kris Weapon Knife Dagger Sword Samurai #1