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HP0581 ethnic STATUE 220mm ON STAND Antique Authentic Weathered TRIBAL FIGURE SCULPTURE


WE01512 KERIS ULER LULUT WENGKON LUK 7 Weapon Knife Dagger Sword Arms Kris Parang Silat


WR0217 TRIBAL WOVEN 235mm BASKET Weaving Bakul Handmade Container Box Bowl Storage Native Asia Borneo Dayak


AT01215 #1 ANTIQUE PROSPEROUS PANEL Chinese Wedded Gift Old Chinese Dynasty Scenery Asia


AT01216 #2 ANTIQUE PROSPEROUS PANEL Chinese Wedded Gift Chinese Old Dynasty Famille Rose


NC0197 DAYAK NECKLACE and Forest SEED Fruit Tree Plant Pendant Body Jewel Jewelry Ornament


MC0406 Batak Container 210mm Tribal Statue Figure Sculpture Chamber Box Keeper Jewelry Medicine


MC0272 BUFFALO HORN 280mm TORAJA CHAMBER Medicine Container Artifact Traditional Tribal


MS0104 STONE MASK 170x140mm ROCK FACE Dayak Dyak Borneo Artifact Statue Figure Fossil?


MS0124 ONE PAIR WEDDING MASK Dayak Topeng Wall Facial Face Statue Sculpture Painting


FS07 WOOD WOODEN FOSSIL Pokok NIBUNG TREE Fossils Mineral Organic Remains Plant Tree


AW0288 CARVED TRIBAL PADDLE 1050mm Wooden Paddles Kayak Canoe Rafting Water Sport Art


ER0262 BIG COLLECTION 5 Pairs(10 pc) 550g HEAVYWEIGHT EARRING Dayak Body Piercing Brass


WE01530 MALAY ARCHIPELAGO 330mm DAGGER Badik Keris Kris Sword Samurai Knife Jawi #1


WE01887 BEST SELLER MACHETE 12inch Blade BRAND NEW Jungle gardening tool Parang Sword Knife


WE01938 BADIK RENCONG 370mm Jawi Blade Keris Kris Weapon Knife Dagger Sword Samurai #1


CR0132 DAYAK MODANG Baby Child Carrier Backpack Sling Bag Borneo Asia Craft Artifact


WE0899 LEFT HANDED SWORD PARANG Head Hunting Butcher Knife Dagger Sarawak Borneo