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CR0179 DAYAK CARRIER 390mm Dyak Modang Tribal Borneo Backpack Baby Child Infant Basket Artifact Statue Figure


CR0178 CHILD CARRIER 450mm Borneo Baby Backpack Bag Staff Ritual Pole Beads & Figurine Traditional Asia


CR0177 BEADED PANEL CARRIER 420mm Traditional Baby Backpack Child Infant Bag Tribal Borneo


CR0176 BORNEO CARRIER 430mm Traditional Tribal Child Backpack Baby Infant Bag Beaded Panel


CR0175 TRADITIONAL BOTTLE 270mm Borneo Tribe Dayak Bahau Sculpture Statue Figurine Container


CR0174 WOODEN BOX 460mm Tribal Carrier Container Traditional Backpack Statue Figure Figurine


CR0172 INFANT CARRIER 460mm Traditional Child Backpack Tribal Asia Rattan Seashell Wall Home Office Deco


CR0173 INFANT BACKPACK 380mm Traditional Tribal Baby / Child Carrier Statue Figurine Bag


CR0170 Tempat Madu Wood Honey Bottle (Tribe Bee Beehive Nectar Container Borneo Asia)

$230.00 $180.00

CR0168 BAHAU BORNEO ARTEFACT Old Aristocratic Baby Carrier Native Tribe Child Backpack Asian Culture

$660.00 $550.00

CR0180 LARGE 430mm TATTOO KIT Set Mallet Needle Ink Bowl Body Piercing Borneo Headhunter Dayak Symbol


CR0166 BABY CARRIER of BORNEO Toddler Child Backpack Tribe Tribal Asia Beads Rattan Wall Home Office Deco


CR0161 TRIBAL CHILD CARRIER 330x410mm Baby Bag Tribe Borneo Headhunter Artifact Beads Figure Statue Figurine

$260.00 $220.00

CR0163 TRADITIONAL CHILD CARRIER 360x390mm Baby Bag Tribe Tribal Borneo Backpack Sling

$235.00 $190.00

CR0153 MAMMAL ASO 370mm BABY CARRIER Tribal Child Backpack Sling asian BORNEO art

$295.00 $190.00

CR0152 Asian Artwork ASO DRAGON 320mm BABY CARRIER Tribal Child Backpack Sling Bag

$295.00 $190.00

CR0150 Dragon Statue 340mm DAYAk BABY CARRIER Tribal Child Backpack Sling Bag Native BORNEO

$295.00 $190.00

CR0149 ONE PAIR 360mm Dayak Borneo BABY CARRIER Tribal Child Backpack Sling Bag Native asian adornment

$600.00 $360.00