This section display finely carved wall deco panels, doors and windows of the village from hardwood. They are carved using tribal design and motifs of dayak borneo. These doors and windows are from the longhouse in Borneo, Asia. Wall deco panels uses aso dragon design, tribal motifs ideal for home decoration, tribal essence

The Dayak longhouse is a large communal dwelling, where an entire community of extended families resides. These longhouses, known as betang or lamin, are normally located along river banks. they are built on strong posts raised above the seasonal flooding. Such longhouses, therefore, are usually built on 5 meters to 8 meter posts. The entry to the house is by a tangka or ladder, notched into a huge log.  As the ladder is pretty precarious, visitors must be careful when climbing. Apart, this longhouse are decorated with beautiful wall deco panels.

The river is necessary for the community for the supply of water and food. As well as a means for travel, and communications with the outside world.  But today such longhouses are fast disappearing or falling into disuse as people prefer to live in smaller homes rather in one large longhouse. Therefore these wall deco panels are getting more rare to obtain.

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Wall Painting

WD090 #1 Tongkonan Toraja (415 x 390mm) Wall Painting / Home Panel Intricate Carving Tribal Asia

$750.00 $600.00
Oil Drawing

WD077 #4 OIL PAINTING: 1400 x 900mm DAYAK HUNTER FIGURE Sculpture Drawing Wall Sarawak

$690.00 $500.00
Art Drawing

WD076 #3 OIL PAINTING: 1390 x 900mm DAYAK HUNTER FIGURE Sculpture Art Drawing Headhunter

$690.00 $500.00
Tribal Painting

WD075 #2 OIL PAINTING: DAYAK HUNTER FIGURE Sculpture Drawing On Canvas Borneo Tribe

$690.00 $500.00
Art Painting

WD074 #1 OIL Art PAINTING: DAYAK HUNTER FIGURE Sculpture Drawing On Canvas Borneo Native

$690.00 $500.00
Tribal Altar

WD073 WALL GUARDIAN 620mm Tribal ALTAR Anthropomorphic Sculpture Statue Painting Borneo

$880.00 $550.00

HP0307 TAFU LETI ALTAR Ancestral Tribal Worship Image Old Artifact Artefact Sculpture Art #2

$385.00 $200.00
Carved Wall Deco

WD059 Asian Carved Wall Deco SCENERY OF BORNEO 3 Dayak Sculpture Painting Headhunter Head Hunting Tribe

$390.00 $220.00