This section showcases the small tribal sculptures of Asian Borneo. Figures like these were used on coffins or on on the main entrance outside of villages or homes. These figures act as guardian to the villages. They guarded inhabitants against illness and misfortune borne by evil spirits. Apart from this, these statues reminds raiders of the consequences of attacking the villages.

Asian Borneo small tribal sculptures must has number of important character. They have powerful body and normally equipped with tribal weapons. As well as, a very fierce expression and outlook. Therefore, these figures were also used as powerful guardians to the villages or longhouses.

Small tribal sculptures are ideal for indoor home decorations. They are made of ironwood and last for ages and many centuries. Ironwood is very tough and  difficult to find. It is also known as belian wood in our local language. Therefore, these small tribal sculptures are difficult to carve as well as very lasting and durable. The texture of the wood is very beautiful and it has a very high density and heavy.

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HP0627 NAKED STATUE 105mm Brass Man Women Male Female Figure Figurine Sexy Asia


HP0177 Ancestral Figure PATONG STATUE KAYAN Dayak HeadHunter Icon Image Sculpture Asia

$130.00 $80.00

HP0628 FOUR NAKED STATUE (For Wedding or Lovers) Brass Man Women Male Female Figure Figurine Sexy Asian


HP0194 ANTIQUE ERODED STATUE Ancestral Guardian Pole Image Icon Sculpture Borneo #8

$130.00 $90.00

HP0576 HANDMADE STATUE 170mm DAYAK Bahau Human Abstract Art People Figure Figurine Sculpture Paperweight Tribal Tribe

$155.00 $105.00

HP0575 BORNEO HEADHUNTER 170mm DAYAK BAHAU Wood Artist Statue Human People Figure Sculpture Native

$155.00 $105.00

HP0574 TRIBAL ART 170mm DAYAK BAHAU Statue Human People Figure Sculpture Native Asia

$155.00 $105.00

HP0573 SCULPTURE ART 170mm DAYAK BAHAU Miniature Statue Human People Figure Asia Tribe

$155.00 $105.00

HP0526 DAYAK BAHAU 125mm/4.9″ HEAD Miniature Sculpture Statue Old Carving Asia Artifact

$195.00 $110.00

HP0131 ANTIQUE ANCESTRAL Rice Field Guardian STATUE IMAGE POLE borneo Sculpture Icon Borneo #3

$290.00 $150.00

HP0134 ANCESTRAL IBAN POLE Guardian Images Statue Dayak Sculpture Icon Figure Borneo #6

$290.00 $150.00

HP0196 ANCESTRAL WEATHERED POLE ANTIQUE Botanical Artefact ERECTED POLE borneo statue #10

$290.00 $150.00

HP0199 WEATHERED GUARDIAN STATUE Ancestral Eroded Outdoor Pole Figure Hardwood #13

$290.00 $150.00

HP0174 Gallery Art ANCESTRAL STATUE Amputated Figure Icon Image Sculpture Flores Nias Papua

$260.00 $160.00

AT01005 Tribal Spoon Buffalo Cow Horn Tanimbar Leti Ornament Artifact Scoop Kitchen Ware Indonesia #4

$265.00 $160.00

HP0545 SHAMAN BOOK KEEPER / Shelf Tribal Wall Panel Anthropomorphic Figure Statue Painting

$260.00 $160.00

HP0605 Authentic Antique Figure Aged indonesia Sculpture Kebayan Statue

$260.00 $180.00

HP0566 AUTHENTIC ANTIQUE Dayak Image Statue Sculpture Warrior Traditional Hunter Figure Jungle Tribe

$280.00 $190.00