This section showcases the small tribal sculptures of Asian Borneo. Figures like these were used on coffins or on on the main entrance outside of villages or homes. These figures act as guardian to the villages. They guarded inhabitants against illness and misfortune borne by evil spirits. Apart from this, these statues reminds raiders of the consequences of attacking the villages.

Asian Borneo small tribal sculptures must has number of important character. They have powerful body and normally equipped with tribal weapons. As well as, a very fierce expression and outlook. Therefore, these figures were also used as powerful guardians to the villages or longhouses.

Small tribal sculptures are ideal for indoor home decorations. They are made of ironwood and last for ages and many centuries. Ironwood is very tough and  difficult to find. It is also known as belian wood in our local language. Therefore, these small tribal sculptures are difficult to carve as well as very lasting and durable. The texture of the wood is very beautiful and it has a very high density and heavy.

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HP0288 MALE and FEMALE 390mm BATAK WARRIOR STATUE Ancestral Facial Sculpture Indonesia Couple Gift

$550.00 $350.00

HP0300 520mm PATUNG PANGLIMA NIAS STATUE Naked Penis Fertility Warrior Sculpture Figure

$550.00 $350.00

HP0363 DAYAK HEAD WOODEN SKULL FACIAL 12.5 lb Statue Sculpture Primitive Figure Borneo

$650.00 $350.00

HP0417 PATUNG TANIMBAR 440mm FERTILITY PENIS STATUE Sculpture Artefact Altar Figure Art

$590.00 $350.00

HP0537 ANTIQUE SERPENT STATUE Figure Animal Sculpture Asian Home Bar Furniture Enhancer

$495.00 $350.00

HP0602 LETI STATUE (1 Pair) Figure Cultural Figurine Artifact Indonesia Oceanic Asian Art Culture

$450.00 $350.00

HP0595 DAYAK BAHAU 350mm One Pair Ironwood Borneo Traditional Sculpture Statue Figure Tribal Tribe


HP0287 TWO 420mm BATAK WARRIOR AMPUTATED HEAD Sculpture Ancestral Facial Indonesia Wood Artifact

$650.00 $390.00

HP0375 FEMALE TOBA BATAK 540mm NORTH SUMATRA Pregnant Statue Ancestral Facial Image HARDWOOD

$650.00 $390.00

HP0624 FERTILITY FIGURINE One Pair Dayak Bahau Male Female Statue Figure Figurine Naked Sculpture Asia


HP0151 DAYAK FEMALE WARRIOR FIGURE Statue Sculpture Image Icon Borneo Headhunter Women

$550.00 $400.00

HP0562 Antique Asian WARRIOR IMAGES Dayak Statue Sculpture Icon Figure Home Bar Office Borneo

$550.00 $400.00

HP0560 THREE NAKED Nias WARRIOR Panglima Statue Sculpture Image Icon Figure Sexy Xmas

$495.00 $400.00

HP0580 OLD WORSHIP STATUE 14 lb BUDDHIST BUDDHISM GOD Artifact Sculpture Figure Buddha

$550.00 $400.00

HP0585 ANTIQUE Timor-Leste 400mm Portuguese HEAD SCULPTURE Tribal Statue Human Figure

$660.00 $400.00

HP0344 HORSE and MAN IRONWOOD 450mm PATUNG Authentic Dayak garden Statue Primitive Figure

$795.00 $450.00

HP0599 BATAK KARO 190mm FIGURE Statue Ocean Artwork Sculpture Figurine Tribal Asia Asian Artifact

$550.00 $450.00

HP0607 Patung Kropos Leti (310mm) Antique Figurine Statue Sculpture Figure Artefact Asia

$660.00 $500.00