Primitive traditional containers is a finely carved ornament for storage of medicine, betel nut and valuables.

Once this containers are made for it purposes, for storage or carriers, they are beautifully decorated with beautiful carvings of their own creative motifs. They are carved in aso dragon pattern and many other motifs. apart from this, horns and bones are being used. therefore, it makes their containers very attractive. Beads are also weave to enhance the outlook too.

This containers are very ideal for home decorations, office, restaurants and cafes.

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MC0393 ANTIQUE CHINESE BOX 19th Century 415mm Gilt Lacquer Medicine Jewelry Wooden Container Chest


AT0979 AUTHENTIC 770mm TRADITIONAL DAYAK TOMB Burial Chamber Asian Urn Sandung Naga Coffin Statue Borneo


MC0382 Aristocrat Tribal Container 970mm Giant Sword Box Jewelry Medicine Documents Keeper Borneo


MC0389 BRONZE STATUE 240mm CONTAINER Batak Brass Box Chamber Ritualistic Figure Figurine


CR0169 GIANT DAYAK 510mm asian culture TRIBAL DAYAK CARRIER CONTAINER Traditional Backpack Statue


MC0423 Rice Container 620mm Box Chamber Jar Pot Vase Statue Sculpture Wood Carving Kitchenware Borneo


MC0415 Asian Container 230-250mm Three Tribal Chamber Box Sculpture Statue Medicine Oceanic Art Batak Indonesia


MC0420 Traditional House 450mm Rumah Bolon Batak Cupboard Drawer Jewelry Container Statue Figurine Furniture


MC0379 Asian Ornament TRIBE Bottle 225mm BOTTLE Squash Dried Pumpkin Fruit Vegetable Artifact Container Asia Art


MC0413 Batak Chamber 1 Pair Container Box Jewelry Medicine Statue Sculpture Figurine Indonesia


MC0414 Handmade Container 1 Pair Sculpture Tribal Batak Box Jewelry Medicine Statue Figurine Indonesia


MC0291 AUTHENTIC ANTIQUE 240mm LUPONG CONTAINER Medicine Box Chamber Statue Guardian