This section is specially for collections of primitive traditional containers in Asia. This finely carved ornament and one of the best masterpiece. They function as ancient tribal storage for medicine, betel nut or any other important items.

Traditional containers are mostly made from wood. A type of wood that is commonly used is ironwood or belian wood. This wood is very durable and high density. therefore it is very heavy. It last for ages and many centuries. Ironwood or belian wood is quite difficult to come accross nowadays. therefore, this collections of ornaments are getting very valuable and considered rare.

Once this containers are made for it purposes, for storage or carriers, they are beautifully decorated with beautiful carvings of their own creative motifs. They are carved in aso dragon pattern and many other motifs. apart from this, horns and bones are being used. therefore, it makes their containers very attractive. Beads are also weave to enhance the outlook too.

This containers are very ideal for home decorations, office, restaurants and cafes.

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Bamboo Container

MC0381 Batak SimaLungun (One Pair) Bamboo Container Box Tribal Container Asia Asian Indonesia Artifact

$1,750.00 $1,300.00
Document Box

Aristocrat Tribal Container 970mm Giant Sword Box Jewelry Medicine Documents Keeper Borneo

Traditional Coffin

AT0979 AUTHENTIC 770mm TRADITIONAL DAYAK TOMB Burial Chamber Asian Urn Sandung Naga Coffin Statue Borneo

$1,450.00 $850.00
Traditional Backpack

CR0169 GIANT DAYAK 510mm asian culture TRIBAL DAYAK CARRIER CONTAINER Traditional Backpack Statue

$800.00 $650.00
Tribal Bottle

MC0379 Asian Ornament TRIBE Bottle 225mm BOTTLE Squash Dried Pumpkin Fruit Vegetable Artifact Container Asia Art

$580.00 $450.00
Batak Box
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MC0378 Batak tribe Chamber Tribal Jewelry Container (Medicine Statue Sculpture Figurine Asian)

$550.00 $400.00
Batak Chamber

MC0377 Naga Morsarang Batak Container Jewelry Medicine Statue Chamber Sculpture Figure Asia

$550.00 $400.00
Antique Box

MC0291 AUTHENTIC ANTIQUE 240mm LUPONG CONTAINER Medicine Box Chamber Statue Guardian

$700.00 $400.00
Bone Statue Container

MC0271 260mm TANIMBAR LETI MEDICINE CHAMBER CONTAINER Bone Artifact Statue Sculpture

$590.00 $390.00
Giant Bottle

MC0301 ONE PAIR NIAS BAMBOO Giant Bottle 425mm Container Carrier Jewel Box Sculpture Artifact

$495.00 $360.00
Tree Bark

MC0295 3.) ONE PAIR DAYAK CHAMBER 310mm LUPONG DAYAK Medicine Box Statue Tree Bark

$550.00 $350.00
Oceanian Container

MC0316 #3 LARGE BATAK CHAMBER 380mm HORN GANA-GANA Statue Sculpture Artifact Art Oceanian Container

$455.00 $290.00

MC0305 ANTIQUE CHAMBER 260mm TRIBAL DAYAK BORNEO Medicine Box Statue Artifact Dayak

$395.00 $250.00
Tribal Ornament

MC0104 tribal ornament BATAK BAMBOO CONTAINER Chamber Box Ancestral Facial Image Figure Statue

$295.00 $250.00
Box Jewelry

MC0355 NAGA MORSARANG 440mm CONTAINER Horn Statue Medicine Box Jewelry Chamber Batak #1

$295.00 $220.00
Cultural Container

MC0207 ASO NAGA RITUAL ANCESTRAL Cultural Container Lupong Medicine Box Chamber Ornament #4

$260.00 $220.00
Medicine Box

MC0373 TRADITIONAL CONTAINER BOX 160mm Lupong Medicine Ornament Jewelry Chamber Tribal Dayak Borneo

$260.00 $190.00
Betel Nut Bottle

MC0235 OLD BETEL NUT CONTAINER Kapur Sirih Batak Indonesia Artifact Box Bottle Chamber

$380.00 $190.00