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peranakan vase

AT01103 SELLING CHEAP peranakan vase Jar Phoenix and Peonies Flower Pot Pottery Feng Shui

$365.00 $300.00
peranakan furniture

AT01182 ONE PAIR Nyonya Stool 200mm Chair Bench Phoenix Chinese Porcelain peranakan furniture

$495.00 $400.00
baba nyonya singapore

AT01184 Phoenix baba nyonya singapore PLATE SERVING DISH Dining Food Wedding Ceramic Art

$395.00 $300.00

AT01186 LARGE CHOPSTICK JAR Nyonya Baba Chinese Asia Restaurant Cafe Dining Kitchen

$195.00 $160.00
Flower Pot

AT01187 RARE BEAUTY 190mm VASE Nyonya Flower Pot Jar Ceramic Fine Art Feng Shui Planters

$395.00 $300.00

AT01218 #4 ANTIQUE PROSPEROUS PANEL Wedding Gift Old Chinese Dynasty Statue China Figure

chinese dynasty

AT01217 ANTIQUE PROSPEROUS PANEL Wedded Gift Old Chinese Dynasty Statue Famille Rose Sculpture Figure Figurine Wall Deco #3

nyonya peranakan

AT01229 XXXL GREEN BASIN 415mm GIANT Old Baba Nyonya Peranakan RARE SIZE BOWL DISH

$795.00 $550.00
traditional mould

AT01230 CHINESE Cake ANTIQUE traditional mould Biscuit Maker South Asia Food Cast Frame Stamp Chop

$190.00 $140.00
traditional cake

AT01231 CHINESE traditional cake MOLD Antique Biscuit Maker South Asean Food Cast Frame Stamp Baking Tray #6)

$190.00 $140.00
Antique Biscuit Maker

AT01232 Chinese Cake Mold Antique Biscuit Maker South Asia Food Cast Frame Stamp Chop Baking Tray #7

$190.00 $140.00
peranakan utensils

AT01234 EXTREMELY RARE 130mm OLD NYONYA COVERED TEACUP peranakan utensils Cup Asian Culture

Old pastries Maker

AT01239 TRADITIONAL CAKE MOLD Old pastries Maker Asia Asian Food Cast Frame Stamp Baking Tray #8

$190.00 $140.00
nyonya baba

AT01233 #2 BLUE TEA BOTTLE Nyonya Baba Restaurant Cafe Kitchen Home Collection Asean

$190.00 $80.00
peranakan bowl

AT01170 SUPERSIZE YELLOW BASIN 16.5″ HUGE Old Baba Nyonya peranakan bowl RARE SIZE DISH

$795.00 $550.00
baba nyonya furniture

AT01166 GORGEOUS baba nyonya furniture Stool BLUE PAIR Chair Phoenix Peonies Chinese Porcelain

$1,900.00 $1,100.00
Baba Nyonya

AT01136 PUNCH PARTY BOWL 11.8″ BASIN Phoenix and Peonies Baba Nyonya Porcelain Dish Plate

$600.00 $350.00
ching dynasty porcelain

AT01131 #2 VINTAGE ANTIQUE 175mm WHITE BLUE Sweet Pea KAMCHENG Ching Dynasty Porcelain

$395.00 $180.00