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NC0208 #8 Shell Handmade Necklace Body Jewelry Seashell Ocean Product Asian Couple Wedding Gift

$260.00 $199.00

NC0207 #7 Seashell asian necklace seashell Body Jewelry Beach Ocean Product Wedding Gift Asia

$260.00 $199.00

NC0206 #6 Pacific Seashell ceremonial necklace Body Jewelry Beach Wedding Groom / Bride Gift

$260.00 $199.00

NC0205 #5 Pacific Tribal Necklace seashell jewelry Shell Asian Body Beach Wedding Deco

$260.00 $199.00

NC0204 #4 Indonesia Tribal traditional Necklace Seashell Shell Ornament Jewelry Beach Wedding Asia

$260.00 $199.00

NC0203 #3 Tribal Indonesia Necklace Seashell Ornament Asian Jewelry Beach Wedding

$260.00 $199.00

NC0201 #1 Irian Jaya Tribal Seashell Necklace Shell Body Adornment Ornament Jewelry Asia

$260.00 $199.00

NC0149 RARE TORA TORA vintage NECKLACE TORAJA Tribal Jewelry Wood and Bone Pendant Body Ornament

$595.00 $280.00

NC0183 ONE PAIR (Male and Female) 380mm ON STAND Irian Papua NECKLACE JEWELRY BODY NECK

$395.00 $280.00

NC0177 GIANT 460mm IRIAN NECKLACE Seashell Shell FREE STAND Body Jewelry Jewel Bali Art

$660.00 $400.00

NC0160 SILVER BRASS WIRE KALABUBU Necklace 200x180mm Body Neck Jewelry Jewel FREE STAND

$395.00 $180.00