In this category, we are proud to present our finest collections of Traditional Headdress Combs Belts of the natives in Asia. This vintage jewellery are carefully carved and preserved. They are made of bone, skin, silver and wood. Different tribes has their own pattern or design of carvings.

We have carefully select these Headdress Combs Belts based on their age and pattern in many locations around south east asia. After that, touch up to preserved the quality are done. Headdress Combs Belts are then built with stands so that they serve the purpose for easy viewing and study.

Any tourists or travellers will enjoy viewing this ornmanets. They are ideal for home decorations and most of them have stands specially built for them. Therefore, restaurants, offices and hotels are taking advantage of these ornaments for decoration purposes with tribal outlook atmosphere.

Collecting has been a wave because of the value and beauty in such  collectibles. It lets us understand and appreciate this unique culture in Asia.

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AT0794 #3 ANTIQUE 130g PURE BRASS Jewellery COPPER BELT Authentic Artifact Malay Dayak Jewelry

$220.00 $130.00

AT01250 HAIRPIN 210mm NAGA HEADDRESS Tribal Crown Comb Women Accessories Asia Asian Culture

$250.00 $200.00

AT0898 RAJA SUMBA HAIRPIN Indonesia Headdress Ornament Tribal Native Body Jewel Jewelry

$460.00 $220.00

AT0955 TANIMBAR HAIRPIN 200mm Old Headdress Crown Comb Jewel Jewelry

$360.00 $220.00

AT0956 #3 TANIMBAR HAIRPIN 290mm On Stand Old Headdress Crown Comb Jewel Jewelry

$360.00 $220.00

AT01304 HAIR SLIDE Hairclip Hair Clip XXXL 240mm TRIBAL WOMEN CROWN Headdress Hairpin Jewelry


AT0936 8.) ANTLER COMB 23cm Sumba Women Crown Hairpin Headdress Jewel Jewelry Indonesia

$660.00 $250.00

AT01227 SEA DAYAK 110mm IBAN HEADDRESS Hairpin Comb Crown Dayak Tribal Artifact

$360.00 $250.00

AT0849 Tusuk Konde Tanimbar / Crown (W Stand) Hairpin Headdress Crown Hair Jewelry

$395.00 $260.00

AT01281 NATIVE HEADDRESS 110mm Tribal Hairpin Comb Buffalo Horn Body Ornament Jewelry


AT0941 12.) TUSUK KONDE TANIMBAR Hairpin Women Crown Comb Headdress Jewel Jewelry Art

$490.00 $300.00

AT0995 6.) SUPERSIZE XXL 185mm SUMBA MAMULI Body Jewelry Ornament Earring Pendant Jewel

$595.00 $300.00

AT0996 7.) MEGA SIZE 175mm SUMBA MAMULI Old Jewelry Body Ornament Earring Pendant Jewel

$595.00 $300.00

AT01120 9.) WAR FIGURINE 180mm Female Genitalia Artifact SUMBA MAMULI Old Jewelry Jewel

$595.00 $300.00

AT01223 TRIBAL COMB 275mm BATAK KARO Sculpture Hair Jewelry Jewel Hair Accessories Art

$425.00 $300.00

AT01252 HAI KARA (250mm On Stand) CORAL HAIRPIN headdresses Crown Sumba Indonesia Asia Asian Oceanic Art

$400.00 $300.00

AT01226 GORGEOUS CROWN 250mm TRIBAL HAIRPIN Women Comb Headdress Old Jewelry Statue Art

$550.00 $350.00

AT01307 ANKLET JEWELRY (One Pair) ANTIQUE Tribal Ornament Bracelet Bangle Women Adornment Chain Accessories