This section presents all the patterns of earweights by the tribes in Asia, mainly Borneo.

Warrior brass earweights, ear plugs are to enlarge and prolong the earlobe of this tribe. These vintage jewellery and body piecing is one of the popular ornaments in south east asia. Therefore, they are most importantly worn during ceremonial performances. As a result, earweights has been a very special and vintage symbol of the tribes in Asia.

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AT01330 Native Earrings Earlobe Enlarger Dangle Earring Ear weight Body Piercing Jewelry Dyak Dayak Borneo #17


ER0289 BONE EARRING (1 pair) Authentic Tribal Ear Weight Jewel Jewelry Dayak Dyak Borneo Body Piercing


ER0286 WOODEN EARRING 100mm GIANT Tribal Ear Weight Extreme Body Piercing Borneo


ER0288 WOOD EARWEIGHT 95mm Giant Borneo Earring Tribal Ear Body Piercing Areca Betel Nut


ER0280 #2 Mamuli Jewelry Earring (165mm On Stand) One Pair Old Ear-weight Body Adornment Jewel

Original price was: $360.00.Current price is: $280.00.

ER0291 EARRINGS SIX PAIR 650g Earweight Earring Tribal Borneo Asia Asian Ear weight Dangle Body Piercing


ER0268 DRAGON’S EYE 40mm / 120g EARRING Brass Tribal Pair Native Borneo Dayak Tattoo Body Art


ER0266 SUPERSIZE 200gram XXXL Tribal Brass Earweight Earring Earlobe Enlarger Native Borneo Body Jewelry


ER0295 Tribal Earrings (Complete collection) 10 pairs 1250g Dangle Earring Jewelry Ear Weight Plug Stud Body Piercing Tattoo Brass Dayak Borneo

Original price was: $695.00.Current price is: $550.00.

ER0263 ANTIQUE TRIBAL EARRING (1 Pair) Native Sumba Mamuli Old Jewelry Jewel Ear Weight Body Adornment Artifact

Original price was: $360.00.Current price is: $220.00.

ER0296 Heavy Weight Earring Earlobe Enlarger Tribal Ear Weight Jewel Jewelry Body Piercing Borneo Headhunter


ER0232 WARRIOR BRASS EARRING Body Adornment Art Tattoo Piercing Body Jewelry Asia