This is special section for Asian ornaments. Our gallery has been carefully divided into 22 categories for more organize viewing. They consist of artefacts, tribal arts, antique, souvenirs and crafts of different Ethnic group in Asia. Therefore, this is essential for travelers  and visitors who wish to visit Borneo Island.

Our collections mainly from South East Asia that consists of Bali, Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Alor, Timor, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, Irian, Sumatera and Borneo. Combining with the modern technology of ecommerce. Borneoartifact is able to showcase all asian ornaments in detailed photos and descriptions to every corner of the world.

Our gallery was built over 3 decades  ago and source of the best discernable selections of Asian ornaments. Therefore, Viewers are welcome to visit our site to understand ethnic artifacts, arts, antiques, of culture in Asia. Thus, any asian ornaments in our gallery are collected for their historical story, exceptional quality, uniqueness, rarity or sacred purposes.

This section currently consist of rare triton shells, slipper corals mushroom, dayak tombs. Besides, you can also find the ornaments of our traditional game, gasing. More ornaments are coming to be listed in this unique category.

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CS0394 SLIPPER (3 Round Specimens) Herpolitha Mushroom Fungiidae Tongue Mole Striate Boomerang Deco Aquarium #5

$110.00 $90.00

CS0393 SLIPPER CORAL (4 Round Specimens) Herpolitha Mushroom Fungiidae Tongue Mole Striate Boomerang Corals Aquarium Decoration #4

$160.00 $125.00

CS0390 SLIPPER CORAL (3 pieces) Herpolitha Mushroom Fungiidae Tongue Mole Striate Boomerang Corals Asia #1

$160.00 $130.00

CS0389 PACIFIC CHARONIA TRITON (1.5 lb) Giant Shell Seashell Asia Asian Art Lamp

$220.00 $180.00

CS0382 GIANT PACIFIC TRITON 340mm / 13.4 ” Asia Asian Seashell Sea Snail Charonia Trumpet Bed Lamp

$220.00 $180.00

CS0381 GIANT SEASHELL 330mm PACIFIC TRITON Large Sea Snail Charonia Seashell Trumpet Vintage Asia Art Home Deco #3

$200.00 $160.00

CS0379 PACIFIC TRITON (0.99 Pound) Large Sea Snail Seashell Charonia Trumpet Asia Home Deco #2

$180.00 $150.00

CS0388 PACIFIC TRITON 310mm Large Sea Snail Shell Seashell Charonia Trumpet Asian Art Home Deco #1

$180.00 $150.00

AT01158 SPINTOP 3.5 lb IRONWOOD OLD GASING Spinning Top Traditional Toy Pastime Tribal

$295.00 $150.00