Collections of antique plates Jars vases from Chinese and tribes in Asia. Variety sizes of antique jars, ceramic plates and bowls from underwater shipwreck, sung dynasty or ming dynasty, and there carefully kept from 18th century.

These antique jars and vases are meant to store rice, food or salted eggs in the ancient days. Some of them are well decorated with dragons to help protect these items in the village.

Our gallery also showcase, antique plates from old collections or underwater shipwrecks. Some of them has corals mark on them and well preserved.

Our antique plates jars vases are presented worldwide through exhibitions since 1993.  Inspired home makers as well as collector houses who have been enthusiasts in this quest are welcome to view these ornaments in our gallery website. These antique plates jars vases are very ideal for interior and exterior home decorations. It brings classic atmosphere to home owners.

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brass plate

AT01279 Bali Balinese Old (280mm) Brass Plate Brass ware Bird And Flora Painting Art

$360.00 $280.00
Antique Pot

AT01243 MEGA SIZE 470mm LARGE Antique Pot Copper Cooking Bowl Kitchen Asian Asia

$950.00 $750.00

AT01235 GLAZED WHITE 180mm ANTIQUE Pitcher Wine Liquor Ceramic Porcelain Bar Alcohol Pub Deco

$290.00 $200.00
ancient bowl

AT01021 MING DYNASTY (1368-1644) DISH / ancient bowl / PLATE Great Ming Underwater Artifact #1

$260.00 $160.00

AT01202 ANTIQUE WINE JAR 235mm Stunning Green Ching Dynasty Pot Liquir Pottery Pitcher

$285.00 $220.00
Kamcheng Covered Jar

AT01203 GLAZED GREEN 190mm ANTIQUE Kamcheng Covered Jar Pot Box Food Serving Chinese Art

$255.00 $180.00
antique bowl

AT01204 OLD 195mm BLUE WHITE Rice Noodle antique bowl Plate Tray Chinese Porcelain

$165.00 $100.00
old plate

AT01205 BLUE WHITE 190mm BOWL Rice Noodle Old Plate Tray Chinese Porcelain Dining Borneo

antique vase

AT0855 ANTIQUE Vase WINE TEAPOT KETTLE JAR Ching / Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) Pot Pottery

$690.00 $400.00
Antique teapot

AT0550 Ching / Qing Dynasty Antique TEAPOT CHOPSTICK HOLDER (1644-1912) Famille Rose Ceramic

$300.00 $190.00
Underwater Artifacts

AT0256 ANTIQUE AUTHENTIC Sung Dynasty JAR POT VASE Clam CORAL Underwater Artifacts

$590.00 $450.00
ching dynasty

AT01236 CHING DYNASTY (1644-1912) BOWL 205mm Antique Porcelain Ceramic Plate

$195.00 $120.00
antique authentic

AT01161 WHITE GLAZED 520mm/20.5 ANTIQUE AUTHENTIC JAR Vase Pot Pottery Porcelain Ching

$850.00 $600.00
antique bowls

AT01082 TWO GLAZED SUNG / SONG (960-1279) DISH / PLATE / antique bowls Chinese Porcelain Clay #6

$280.00 $150.00
Antique Porcelain

AT01032 12 CENTURY 165mm SUNG / SONG (960-1279) DISH / PLATE / BOWL Antique Porcelain #9

$300.00 $140.00
BOWL Antique Porcelain

AT01031 800yrs 170-185mm SUNG / SONG (960-1279) DISH / PLATE / BOWL Antique Porcelain #8

$300.00 $140.00
Antique Aged Porcelain

AT01030 LARGE 170mm SUNG / SONG (960-1279) DISH / PLATE / BOWL Antique Aged Porcelain #7

$300.00 $140.00
Chinese Porcelain

AT01028 LARGE SMALL SUNG / SONG (960-1279) DISH / PLATE / BOWL Chinese Porcelain #5

$350.00 $150.00